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Wesley Aunties & Uncles

Wesley Aunties & Uncles is an early intervention mentoring program in Sydney and the Central Coast where ‘aunts and uncles’ provide children up to 12 years old with mentoring, care, and guidance in a stable family environment. 

The program is designed for children facing:

  • challenging circumstances at home which affect how much direct one-on-one attention a carer is able to give them, such as another family member with a physical or intellectual disability, chronic illness or addiction or domestic disturbances
  • a single parent home
  • a lack of an extended network of supportive family or friends as role models and mentors.

What does the program involve?

Children in the Wesley Aunties & Uncles program spend one day or weekend a month with their mentors, participating in a range of weekend activities that help develop their social and life skills. All volunteer mentors undergo extensive child protection screening.

How do I refer a child to this program?

Children can be referred to the program by social welfare agencies, counsellors or parents/carers themselves.

Wesley Aunties & Uncles

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