The Isolation of the Cross


Journey through Holy Week with the Rev Keith Garner as he explores the words of Jesus spoken from the cross and their relevance to us today in our experience of isolation.

Connect each day in Holy Week via the episode links below or on Wesley Mission’s Facebook page, or YouTube channel.

A new episode will premiere every day from Palm Sunday at 5pm Sydney time, 8am in London or catch up anytime.

Isolation of the Cross stream

To view the Isolation of the Cross series just tune in below every night at 5pm commencing Sunday 5 April.

If you would like to look back at previous episodes in the series simply press the arrow below and select a previous service.

Episode 1: Forgiveness that frees

At a moment when Jesus might have felt angry at the way he had been treated, he lovingly prays for those who had and who are hurting him. But who is he praying for?

Premieres 5 pm Sunday 5 April 2020

Episode 2: The power of life that endures

Confronted with death, Jesus responds to the criminal on the cross next to him with words that offer hope to all the world. What is Jesus’ promise?

Premieres 5 pm Monday 6 April 2020

Episode 3: Kindness that connects with others

Jesus’ words display his humanity in caring for his mother and very close disciple. What encouragement does this offer us in our experience of isolation?

Premieres 5 pm Tuesday 7 April 2020

Episode 4: The questions which are difficult to answer

Jesus cries out as he experiences aloneness and separation from God on the cross. Why is this important for us when we experience pain?

Premieres 5 pm Wednesday 8 April 2020

Episode 5: The parched cry for help

Thirst is a very powerful human experience. How do Jesus’ words help us to understand suffering?

Premieres 5 pm Thursday 9 April 2020

Episode 6: When will it be over?

The experience of suffering can cause us to lose all hope. How does Jesus find peace and strength when facing death?

Premieres 5 pm Friday 10 April 2020

Episode 7: The last word on death

Jesus shows us it is possible to turn the most difficult moments of apparent failure into holy victory. What were his final words on the cross?

Premieres 5 pm Saturday 11 April 2020 

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