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Celebrating Faith

Hosted by Rev Keith V Garner you're invited to discover what makes a meaningful life through four inspiring services. We'll also be joined the Redeemer Baptist Music Ministry, who will lead worship.

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Watch the Celebrating Faith July Service Online

What does it mean to live a holy life? How do we live a holy life? In Philippians, Apostle Paul encourages believers to live out our faith by modelling Jesus Christ, to fulfil our purpose in worshipping and honouring God.

Join Rev Keith V Garner AM for an inspiring online church service, as he shares the ‘Vital Ingredients of a Holy Life'.

When: Sunday 19 July 2020, 6pm

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Life is filled with times of joy and times of difficulty. Amidst the storms of life, we can too easily fall into the temptation of seeing our circumstances as defined by this difficulty rather than by opportunity.

Our faith in God gives us the confidence to trust that there is always a meaningful future ahead. Faith enables you to discover purpose and knowing Him provides hope, even in the darkest of moments. Faith in God also places you in a community where others who share this faith are there to encourage and support.

The journey of life is never easy, but when we build a strong relationship with God we see His love, provision and grace even when times are tough. The assurance we receive as followers of Jesus Christ is certainly worth celebrating.

  • How to use these devotional guides...

    There are four devotional guides designed to support the topics addressed in each service to help guide you in your life's journey.

    For each day there is a Bible reference, a thought and a prayer.

    • If you have only a few minutes, simply read the entry each day and carry those thoughts with you.
    • If you have more time, prayerfully read through the complete Bible passage and thought. Spend some time meditating and reflecting on it, then start your own prayer.

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