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Wesley ParentsNext FAQs

Wesley Mission ParentsNext supports parents with children six months to six years of age to reach their vocational and employment goals, providing a positive, flexible and encouraging environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our program.

How will the Wesley ParentsNext program help me?

We can support you to build confidence and skills to reach your personal, vocational and employment goals by:

  • understanding what matters most to you and your family
  • helping you set goals for study or employment
  • linking you with community groups
  • referring you to local services
  • working alongside you to make your goals a reality.

Will Wesley ParentsNext make me go to work?

While you are in the Wesley ParentsNext program there is no requirement for you to work. We will support you to prepare yourself and your family for when you choose to start work.

You will stay in the program until your youngest child turns six and enters school OR until you choose to and have secured work on an ongoing basis.

We will support your journey and respect the decisions you make.

What are other parents saying about Wesley ParentsNext?

Here’s some recent feedback from participants in Wesley ParentsNext:

“They helped me achieve my dreams and helped me not feel so alone in it all. Wesley ParentsNext gave me so much support so that I didn’t feel alone going back to work.”

“I wouldn’t have this job, security and stability in my life, if Wesley ParentsNext hadn’t come along to give me that gentle push of encouragement when I needed it!”

“I had no idea that there was so much support or that it was possible for me to work in a field that I am passionate about.”

How can I make sure my parenting payments are not suspended?

It is very important that you keep in regular contact with your consultant and always make them aware if you cannot attend an appointment or activity. You will be given your consultant’s direct contact number as well as the Wesley ParentsNext 1300 number to call.

You will not be penalised if you are unable to attend an appointment due to family responsibilities–we can easily reschedule your

If your payment is suspended temporarily for not attending appointments or activities, we can immediately rectify this when you let us know your valid reason.

We can also refer you to a social worker at Centrelink to assist you with any challenges you may be experiencing.

What if I have anxiety / depression and don’t enjoy group-based activities?

We understand the challenges parents with anxiety and depression are facing. We will work with you to find activities that suit you.

No parent will be pressured to attend an activity that they are not comfortable with.

Will I be forced to put my child in childcare?

No. You can choose if and / or when you enrol your child in child care.

We will never pressure you to put your child in care if this is not your choice.

Will my child and I be forced to go to a playgroup?

No. You are required to choose an ongoing activity that support your goals. However, you can decide which activity you’d like to do.

We can help you choose the most appropriate activity. You can change this activity at any time based on your goals and family responsibilities.

Why should I consider a playgroup for my child?

Some parents choose a playgroup as their activity because they:

  • wish to stay alongside their children as they learn to play among other children
  • want time to build confidence in other adults working with their children
  • want to take a gentle approach to build their own confidence among other adults.

Whether planning to return to work or not, many parents are keen for their children to confidently enter school, day care or preschool. Attending a playgroup can be an important first step for the child on their journey towards school entry and for parents getting towards finding and keeping work.

What can I do if I’m not happy about the service I’m receiving?

You have the right to provide feedback or request a change of ParentsNext provider if you are not happy with the service being provided.

You may provide direct or anonymous feedback or request transfer to another provider in the following ways:

  • Speak with your Wesley ParentsNext consultant, or ask to speak with a Team Leader.
  • Complete and return a Wesley ‘Raise your Voice’ form–this is provided with your Welcome Pack and available at any time from Wesley ParentsNext offices.
  • Attend a Wesley ParentsNext Parent Feedback Session. Feedback Sessions are an opportunity for parents to share their experiences, connect with other parents and offer ideas to improve services. Feedback Sessions are held on a regular basis and all parents are welcome.
  • Complete a survey at any Wesley ParentsNext office, or request one via email and submit anonymously.
  • Contact the Department of Employment Skills, Small and Family Business National Customer Service Line 1800 805 260 (free call from landlines) or email

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