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Wesley ParentsNext Partnerships, Careers and Training

What training opportunities are there?

Wesley ParentsNext tailors training and development opportunities to suit the specific needs of parents participating in our program and the local labour market. Our small group training offers support and guidance to each individual and may include topics such as job search skills and financial literacy.

Training through Wesley ParentsNext is a great option if you would like to secure a new qualification (Certificate Level), if you are available during school hours, and if you would benefit from a small group environment. We run different courses in different locations, so talk to your consultant about upcoming opportunities in your community.

Our consultants also link parents into a wide range of training options run by other providers, such as universities, TAFE, schools, Registered Training Organisations, and colleges. Before enrolling in a course our consultant will discuss the requirements and potential career pathways with you so that you can be confident that your studies will support your goals.

How can I receive career advice?

Our experienced consultants assist with identifying career paths based on your past work experience, qualifications, interests, strengths, and availabilities. We use a range of career exploration tools so that you can find a career that suits you and your family.

Our consultants discuss the required soft skills and entry requirements, and talk through the opportunities available in your community. Sometimes the job you want doesn’t have a lot of local employment options, so it is good to talk through your options–whether that be to relocate or find a similar job that uses the same skills. You can chat through all your career queries with your consultant–from entry requirements, to studying, salary, conditions and employment prospects.

A Wesley ParentsNext participant recently told us:

“My Wesley ParentsNext consultant helped me to realign my current skills to suit relevant work in fields I had never consider before”.

We also have opportunities through Wesley Mission for volunteering and employment.

I have a lot going on and don’t feel ready for work. How will Wesley ParentsNext help?

We work with you one-on-one and give you time to tell us about what you would like to achieve and when. It is understandable if you don’t feel ready for work right now. You might be experiencing something particularly challenging that needs to be addressed first. That is why we set short and long term goals and then work out the practical steps to get there.

Wesley ParentsNext can connect parents to a range of practical activities and support networks in the local community to develop skills and build a network of support to be in a better position to gain and maintain employment in the future. If you would like to attend a program or support group to access targeted support for something you are experiencing, your Wesley ParentsNext consultant will assist you to find a suitable service.

Wesley ParentsNext can support you to navigate:

  • childcare (including enrolment processes and understanding fees and available benefits)
  • supports for your children (play group, story time, early intervention services, disability providers, specialists)
  • parenting skills programs and short courses
  • personal development activities (counselling, support groups, mental health services)
  • community services (domestic violence, housing, mental health, financial counselling, emergency relief).

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