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The Hills

Our family centre in The Hills offers a variety of different services, free to local families, including parenting skills workshops, local support networks, expressive therapies, mums’ timeout group and counselling. 

The Hills Wesley Family Centre

Parenting skillsParenting skills

Our workshops are designed to meet the diverse range of skills parents may require. We help parents to:

  • understand the link between children’s emotions and their behaviour
  • respond to children’s emotions and behaviour promptly and sensitively
  • understand childhood and how to support the development and learning of children in the early years
  • strengthen relationships with their children
  • overcome barriers through support, advice and referrals
  • learn to parent with their partner.

Our workshops have great benefits for families, as we continually aim to:

  • create friendly and supportive workshops
  • help parents feel confident in their abilities
  • equip parents with the tools to manage children’s behaviour at different stages of their development
  • help parents work with children to achieve their potential
  • foster a passion for parenting.

Wesley Family Centre

Wesley Family Centres

This program brings parents together to form local support networks through various groups and events. It focuses primarily on families with children from birth to eight years of age.

The program responds to the belief that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers in life. Mothers, fathers and other parental figures are encouraged to:

  • understand how their children grow and develop
  • increase knowledge of their child’s safety and wellbeing
  • gain confidence in their parenting skills
  • get access to appropriate support and the professional assistance for their child’s health and development.

Children are assisted with:

  • developing good language skills
  • increasing physical skill development
  • increasing their ability to problem solve
  • developing good emotional and social skills
  • having any potential health or learning problems detected.

Youth WorkSmart

In Australia youth unemployment has averaged around 13.5%. In Western Sydney, the average climbs to 20% with some suburbs reaching as high as 45%. Wesley WorkSmart targets 15 - 18 year olds, residing in Western Sydney, who are at risk of long- term unemployment.

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Mums' timeout group

This group helps mothers with preschool and school aged children from all cultural backgrounds living in The Hills to better engage with their family and local community.

Programs offered include:

  • stress management and wellbeing
  • healthy relationships
  • mums support
  • mums and bubs music program. 

Wesley Financial Counselling

This service is a vital arm of the Family Centre, providing free, independent, confidential, face-to-face counselling.

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Wesley Multicultural ServicesWesley family services

Provides support for mothers from a range of cultural backgrounds who have young children, children with special needs or teenagers - often with an interpreter provided.

Groups meet weekly during school terms and provide early intervention through education, advocacy, practical assistance (for example, with filling out forms) and links to wider support networks not often afforded to migrant women and their families.

We reach mothers who are experiencing social isolation due to a lack of support networks, language barriers or low confidence in or knowledge about Australian community services.

Through a range of programs mothers are:

  • educated in the area of health for the whole family
  • equipped with parenting skills
  • informed about children’s education in Australia (pre-school, primary, secondary, TAFE, universities)
  • encouraged and assisted with building skills for obtaining employment provided with access to additional help for more serious issues such as domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction, financial stress or gambling addiction.

The Service aims to:

  • break the isolation that families from other cultures may be experiencing by creating a friendly, welcoming environment for social integration
  • promote inclusion in society by exploring a range of topics about lifestyle in Australia
  • reduce the level of stress for mothers and families experiencing problems with illness or a disability
  • increase the wellbeing, mental health and happiness of multicultural families
  • relieve the common burdens of migration
  • equip families to better engage in the community and family life.

Wesley Family Centres

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