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The Wesley LifeForce Memorial Wall offers a place to reflect and remember those lost to suicide.

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Wesley LifeForce suicide memorial wall

Posted by Steph Tesoriero

To my Beautiful cousin Adrian
1990 - 2015

I miss you soo much, I love you and I hope that you're ok up in heaven. I've lost not only my cousin but one of my best friends, I just hope that the pain that you were in is forever gone and that you are in peace, lots of love, steph, xxx.

Posted by Katrina Tsaftaropoulos

To my darling beautiful boy, George; I am once more placing my message of love on this wall and in person down at the opera house on this day, 14th sept 2017. I am sending you all our love and with every beat of my heart I am missing you. We carry your memory always, and wish you were here to take part in our lives, to enjoy the celebrations of weddings and the births of our newest family members. I know you are watching over and after us and I feel your loving presence helping me thru my days. You live on in us and one day we will be together again. Bless you my darling, love always, brokenhearted mum xxx

Posted by Nicole Tattersall

I miss you my beautiful sister, so very much. Looking forward to seeing you again one day xxx

Posted by Trish Johnson

Bradley we miss you forever

Posted by Heather McPherson

In memory of Diane Maree Fletcher who left her dear partner Ian in June this year - our neighbour...all her years of pain are gone may she rest in peace at last. Hug your loved ones today because sometimes their pain is too much to bear.

Posted by Heather McPherson

In memory of my sound best friend Rowland Conrad Llewellyn Clark (1973 - 2017) We may never understand but we know your pain is gone and you are safe in His loving arms.

Posted by Fiona Faust

Jason 2.11.1984 - 31.12.2003

To my son Jason, I love you and miss you more and more as each day passes. I can't believe that it is nearly 14 years since you chose to leave us. So many things that I wish you were here to be part of, but I know that you are looking down on us and smiling. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you and wish that you were here with us. Time certainly doesn't make it any easier, I miss you and wish I could hug you and hold you close one more time. xoxo mum

Posted by Taylor Howlett

To our dearest Matthew,

That call I received first thing in the morning left me numb, in complete shock that my beautiful cousin had committed suicide.
The life you lived was beautiful and adventurous and you made everyone smile with your presence, such a shame that you were battling your own problems and that we couldn't help light up your life like you did ours.
We all miss you every single day I hope you have found inner peace wherever you are.

I promise to never forget you or our memories and promise to hold your beautiful sister and brother so close to my heart as we all ache your goodbye.

Rest in peace Matty, forever in our hearts.

Love you always


Posted by Jacqueline Becker

Brendan John Ruiters 21/7/77 - 16/5/94 Gone far too soon. A teenager at time who would now be 40. Never ever forgotten. Always missed & loved by your mom x

Posted by Katrina

George, 1984-2012, aged 27 ...

To my beautiful darling boy, mommy misses you so, so much! It’s been two and a half years since that fateful day, and there isn't one day that goes by that I don't think of you, love you, miss you, mourn you. I yearn to see your beautiful smile and hold you in my arms again one more time. I carry you within my heart, and I walk thru life with your memory and love surrounding me. Love is eternal, it cannot die. Until we meet again, with all my love, heartbroken mum xxxxxxxxx            

Posted by Teigan from Sydney

I lost my dad to suicide a month before my 10th birthday. I'm almost 19 now, and it's coming up close to the anniversary of when we lost him. There were so many things that I wasn't able to understand, but I'm slowly starting to now. I just wanted to say that even though I don't remember the sound of your voice, I still have all the memories of you in my heart, and those memories are ones that I'll be able to cherish forever. The pain for you must have been so unbearable, and I wish that I could have been old enough then to tell you how special you are and how much you being here would mean to me. I wish that you could have been able to see me grow and even though I know you're not here, I hope I'm making you proud. I love you dad, and I miss you more than I am able to put into words. 
Rest In Peace dad, I love you. 

Posted by Karissa from Newcastle

In Loving Memory of my Mumma...1950–1985

So young and so terribly sad that you were in so much silent pain mum...I was young when this happened and I have had a real journey coming to terms with losing you...Being a mother of 3 myself, reflecting on your suicide does not leave me angry, just so truly truly saddened imagining the pain you must have been in...alone...I so hope the pain stopped for you. What I do know is that the short time you had with us 3 kids was we have all grown to be extremely extremely close and we 3 are very warm, happy and positive people and we have you to thank for that. Time does not heal no...but...the pain is less crippling now 28 yrs on...

You may not be here, but you are a constant in my children and my life and the very reason we are so close and communicate about everything...Thanks to you I am VERY involved emotionally with the kids and we talk all the time and they encourage their friends to talk all the time.

Mum I miss you dearly every day...I will always love you, your adoring daughter xoxoxo

Posted by Yvonne Harmer from Currans Hill

In Loving Memory of my beloved son Adam 16.5.1968–20.7.2008
I was not able to attend the Memorial Service this year however my heart was there along with the memories I have of my beloved son Adam. I was reading the messages left for their loved ones and reading those new and so raw messages I felt so much for you—I know how you feel—I felt them and still do. They say time is a healer—that is not true—time just makes it bearable. A day does not go by that I don't think about my boy, I see Adam's children growing and see his image in them and somehow it helps. Life is not the same for me—how could it be—on the 20th July 2008 my life changed forever. Love you Adam you will never out of my mind and heart.
Your Mum

Posted by Chafic Ataya from Randwick

Memorial Day 2013. The Wesley LifeForce Mission invaded our hearts and minds being bereft of all sense of existence after the tragic death of our beloved Samar. They Spoke and helped us set our Journey time to struggle onward till our earthly life is done. They gave us peace reminding us of Jesus, The Nazarene. Hence our faith in a supreme divine being. Chafic Ataya and Family.

Posted by Elle May from Sydney

This was our first year attending the Memorial Day in Sydney since losing my beloved father recently. I must say a big thank you to all of the people who organised such a moving event. I felt so united being surrounded by so many others affected by suicide. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Posted by Faye Hawley from Edgeworth

Seven years Darren seven long years since you left us. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you...we know you are with us we can feel you...sometimes you let us know in subtle ways and at other times not so subtle. Did I think I would still be here thought I would be with you...I didn't think I was able to stay as being your Mum I needed to be there to look after you...but I made a choice to stay to stay and see the rest of the family grow see more grandchildren...and now great grandchildren thanks to have a lovely little grandson. 
I stay to try and help anyone who is new to the see if they need any help to walk the rocky road of suicide grief...if I can help I will. I do all this Darren to keep myself here and to one day make you proud of me for helping to make a difference in someone's life.
Til we meet again...hopefully later and not sooner....know that you are loved and missed beyond the universe...
Love Always
Mum ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Posted by Faye Hawley from Edgeworth

We left on the 8.30am train to go to Sydney, to the Opera was Thursday September 12 2013 the sun was out it looked to be a lovely spring day. Every year we make this trek to ask....we do it to honour our son Darren the son we lost to suicide seven years ago. We go for comfort from friends that we have met in previous years and we go to meet new friends that we hope will return the next year. The minutes silence is many sad people in the same place and all grieving the same all feeling the same all knowing that sometimes you don't even have to talk....we all feel it....the feeling of being so alone in our only have to stand near someone and maybe put a hand on their shoulder to let them know you aren't alone. I met some new people that day...people that I hope will come back next year and maybe we will recognise each other and be able to again ask RUOK. Maybe I am a bit forward in approaching people but I don't like to see people so alone on such a lovely but sad day. Wesley LifeForce thank you for a very moving and lovely day.

Posted by Tracey Harris from Sydney

Thank you to Wesley LifeForce for the beautiful service today. I came today to honour the memory of my 18 year old daughter Brooke, many tears but healing also the Opera House a beautiful setting, I will be back again next year. Brooke we all love and miss you so much until we meet again beautiful girl xxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Sandra Neville from Beverley Park

My beautiful grandson Reece suicided in March 2013, just 6 months ago. He was just 25 years old and had chosen to spend most of his life with my husband and I. He was engaged and had 2 beautiful children at the time of his death (his son just 2 1/2 and a beautiful little 3 month old daughter)

I spoke to Reece on the night he chose to leave. It was a perfectly normal conversation about his day at work and how he would come to my house over the weekend to pick up a certificate he needed for a new job he was starting the following week. I had no reason to believe that he was unhappy...very tired, but not unhappy in any way at all. Just over an hour later my world came crashing down when we received a call from his fiancée saying he had suicided.

Our lives have changed for ever...nothing will ever be the same again without him. He was my world! For 25 years almost every decision I made concerned my boy. How do I now change every thought I ever had. The thing that I am finding the hardest now is that I have 25 years of beautiful memories and one night of horror and now, six months into my new journey of sadness and grief, every time my mind has the chance it takes me right back to THAT night. My first thoughts are never to something nice or happy (and there are plenty of those memories), it's always, without fail to that horrible night. 

Today I attended the LifeForce Memorial Day at the Opera House and cried all the way through it. It was a really beautiful service with every speaker having a lovely message for all of us but I was just completely overwhelmed with sadness. I love and miss Reece so very much and will keep him in my heart till the day we meet in heaven. That is the only good thought that keeps me going these days because I know very well that he will be right there to greet me when my time is right. I love you my Darling boy and you will be in my heart for ever. Rest In Peace Sweetheart.

Posted by Ross Allen from Mt Druitt

To my lil Brother Trevor (Ted) it has only been 6 weeks since you left us and your whole family loves you like crazy and I will be there again next year for you mate xo
May you Rest In Peace Now. Always Remembered ♡ ♥ ♡ Never Forgotten ♡ ♥ ♡

Posted by Rohini from Epping

We lost our beautiful, loving and caring mum to suicide 5 years ago and not a day passes without your thoughts. To this day I still ask ''Why'' but I know we'll never know why you did it. I love you so much and I miss you very much. Oh how I wish you were here today so your two youngest granddaughters would know you and your love that you showered upon us. Love and miss you always,
Love your daughter

Posted by Alison Keats from Batemans Bay

To Our Dearest Matthew, 3 years have passed and every day our Love for you grows Stronger and Stronger. You may have left us in Body but in Soul it will live on forever. Mum and Girl will be there again this year at the Opera House to show Love not only to you A Son, Brother, Brother In-Law, Uncle and Friend but to all those other people that share the Same Loss as we Feel. Our Love for you Today Tomorrow and Forever More Your Sister Ally xxxx

Posted by Katrina Tsaftaropoulos from Sydney

For my dearest son, George, who took his own life on the 20/3/2012, aged 27. You have been gone one and a half years now, gone from our home and lives, but not from our memories or hearts. You will always be part of us, we will carry you with us always. For love is eternal, it cannot die. Our love, our bond is unbroken. We miss you, we're proud of you, we love you, always.....From your loving parents, brothers, sister-in-law and your nephew Manni xxxxxxx

Posted by Sophie from Australia

For my beloved Phil, Suicide Awareness Day is 3 months to the day that I lost you to this evil, silent disease. I understand the pain you were in and I hope that now you are finally at peace. May one day, the stigma of mental illness mean that less people have to feel the shame and blame of having a mental disorder. All my love always and forever more....S x

Posted by Rhonda Menczer from Gold Coast

I lost my son to suicide on the 28th June this year. He was one of 5 children 24yrs old and left a 5 month old son behind too, after a very toxic relationship. 2 weeks later I found that I’m terminally ill with kidney cancer, now all I can think off is my children I will leave behind. I love you my son Todd Adamson and losing you has been something I can’t seem to get over now. I will be with you to soon my son. WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH XXXXXXXXXXXX

Posted by Lucy from Canberra

My beautiful husband suicided a week before World Suicide Day, and we held his memorial service on World Suicide Day. He battled for so long with the trauma of abuse by his mother and brother, ineffective medication and ineffectual mental health services.
I remain devastated at my husband's death—what a waste of a caring, gentle, considerate and intelligent man, who offered so much goodness to other during his life. He made me a much better person. Immortal Beloved. In my heart forever.

Posted by Gwenda Lawton from Katherine

On thought are with everyone that have lost a family member and my heart feels for you all. I too have lost my 22 year old son and it is 19 years later that I am able to speak about it and the word Suicide? I was in such a state and in my own world of grief and sadness to think of what had just happened, that I have forgotten about my 2 other children, who then supported each other and I am sorry for including them in my moment/years of grief, it is only now that I do believe that my son ended his life because he could not deal what was bothering him or he may not have the strength to talk about his problem/worries and as parents, we will never know the truth but the hurt, misery and the unbelief and anger that it causes all family still lingers with me today. I miss and love my big boy dearly and I would like to think that he is now in peace with himself.

Posted by Rachel Black from Sydney

You fought a hard battle dad and held out as long as you could… You waited for the right time and protected us all to the very end! You leaving the way you did will be the hardest experience of my life, however you had your reasons and you thought it through so please know I will respect and protect your decision for as long as I live. You won’t be there physically to walk me down the aisle or be there to meet your grandchildren but I know that in my heart you will be beside me all the way, each and every day! 

No words can express the amount of endless love I have for you! You have done me proud dad and I am blessed to be your little girl….I miss you so much dad, but knowing I will one day see you again gives me peace. Eternal love… xxxx “Butterfly Kisses” Xxxxx

Posted by Robyn Viset from New South Wales

We miss and love you Tom forever. You will never be forgotten by your family and many friends. Mum xxxxx

Posted by Annette Johns from Fingal Tasmania

I lost my amazing husband to suicide, he was bullied in the work force, his dignity, honesty, and self-respect was taken away from him.
We his loving family find it very difficult to be without him.
His life a Beautiful Memory.
His absence a silent grief.
Murray Leslie johns 18.6.1947–18.9.2006.

Posted by Tracey H from Sydney

Brooke Rylewski 20/12/1993–22/05/2012. We all miss you so much we miss your beautiful smile your gentle caring nature we miss everything about you ,we will love you always, love mum, dad James, Jake, Brendan, Ricky, Bec, Haylee, nan and pop, uncle Shane, Angelina and Max xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Tracey Harris from Sydney

I lost my beautiful 18 year old daughter Brooke to suicide on the 22nd of May 2012 not a day goes by when I don't think about you my beautiful girl I will love you always, until we meet again your mum xxxxxxxxxx

Posted by Lynne H from Sydney

Six months ago we lost you. I don't understand why but I will honour and protect your memory for the rest of my life. I'm so sad things ended this way and I'm sorry.

Posted by Elle May from Sydney

In memory of our dear father who took his life this year. You will live on in all of us and will never be forgotten, as hard as it is we know you fought and battled to stay with us as long as you could and each of us will treasure every wonderful memory. Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end, it means I'll see you later, when we meet again. In memory of the most amazing husband, father and grandfather. May your star shine bright.

Posted by Natasha Bender from Sydney

In memory of my Dad, Russell Piggott who took his own life in 1994. 
I can still see your face as if it were only yesterday...
I miss you like the sun and dream of you often...
There is no blame and I promise to always love you the same.
Your loving daughter Natasha x

Posted by Mandy Newton from Brisbane

I never got to say goodbye. I love you and I'm sorry for the ways in which I failed you. You were my best friend and I have never forgotten you. 

Posted by Cheryl Clements (Manusu) from USA

Hi My Darling Brother Craig
I love you so much and miss your dearly... it’s been 4 and 1/2 years and I miss you today as much as the first day...
I love you so much and nobody will EVER fill the void you have left…
You were a very special person here and I KNOW you are a very special person there…
Your Loving Sister...

Posted by Melissa Oliver from Bonnells Bay

We lost our cousin Darren to suicide 10yrs ago and then almost 3 yrs ago we lost our darling nephew Joshua, he was only 15. We are all learning and trying to accept why they chose to end their life so early, we miss them ever so much, but I know in my heart you are watching over us. Lots of love Aunty Mel xxx

Posted by Savita from Sydney

I lost my brother Dhiren on 10/01/12 just few days before his birthday, it’s been one year and few months I still remember all those memories with him as we were growing up together .As he was taking his last breath he kept saying to my family that he wanted to see me .He died as I got to the hospital as the family had another funeral for my aunt he lived in Fiji and I live in Australia. As i got to the hospital he passed away and didn't get to see my brother .I didn't know what to do I screamed and yelled and hugged my brother and cried .I just kept saying that I am older then you why do you have to die .god take me and make him alive .my whole family was devastated and still are till today .I miss my brother so much as I am a counsellor and doing my bachelors degree I still struggle today and feel lost. Trying to find a way to get out of a black whole and keep the family spirit going as each day comes I live in my brothers memories and help my family as life goes on .I hate going back to my country as it feels like part of me had died with my brother .god bless him and I pray to god he is free from pain and his will be happy i know his with me all the time his love will never die till I die and it has made our family stronger as we all help and hold each other so we don’t loose our precious moments and memories and family god please look after those who are in your hands. Love you Dhiren till I die always muwa muwa just dying to sit with u have drinks party and your voice. love you deeply xxx

Posted by Susan Frazer from Adelaide

Benjamin Joseph Howard; Ben' 30.3.79—29.1.08. Not a day goes by Ben that I don't think about you even though you were 28 you were still my baby , I gave you life, you took that away, I know that you must have been feeling hopelessness, pain and suffering but the day you died part of me went with you, I will never be the same .a part of a poem Ben comes to mind I carry you heart, I carry it in my heart love and miss you until we meet again love always your mum xxxxxxxx

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