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One for the warmer months of the year, activities include the water slide, canoeing, or just splashing around in the swimming pool.

Wesley Vision Valley's WaterslideWaterslide

Duration: 90 minutes
Age: no age limit

Our waterslide is a great way to cool down during a hot day in the bush. There is no age limit but there is a minimum height of 110 centimetres—anyone under 110 centimetres must ride with an adult 16+ years. Our waterslide is also heated so you can enjoy the thrill on those cooler days.

Canoeing at Wesley Vision ValleyCanoeing

Duration: 90 mins
Age: Year 3+ / 8 years+

Our Instructors will teach participants all the basics of canoe handling, paddling, and safety. Along with the basic canoe techniques, our Instructors will run a number of fun games and activities. For safety reasons, personal floatation devices (PFDs) and enclosed footwear must be worn by all participants. PFDs and paddles are provided.

Raft building

Duration: 90 minutes
Age: Year 5+ / 10 years+

Everyone will find raft building a challenging and unique experience as they learn to work together. The real thrill begins when they must climb aboard their creation and paddle across to the other side of the dam in order to determine their raft's seaworthiness. Participants should bring clothes and shoes they don't mind getting wet.

Wesley Vision Valley Main Building and poolSwimming pool

Duration: 90 minutes

Our two outdoor pools are located close to hot showers and may also be used for night swimming.

Note: adult supervision is required at all times with one first aid person trained in CPR and bronze medallion qualified. If you are unable to provide this, Wesley Vision Valley staff can be provided at an additional charge.

This is a self-guided activity. Visitors are requested to follow the swimming pool policy.

Contact Wesley Vision Valley

For all booking enquiries, please call 1800 043 344.

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