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Corporate events

Looking for a catalyst for change within your team? Our conference and meeting facilities enable you to combine work with a little fun, and are great for team building days, planning days, and more. 

We have a range of exciting (and often thrilling) experience-based learning activities that will take your team beyond their comfort zone. Team cohesion, team motivation and improved communication skills are some of the keys to happier, higher performing teams that we can help deliver.

We also have overnight lodge style accommodation for longer retreats and, by having your next event with us, you’ll be supporting the good work of Wesley Mission.

This is an alcohol-free site supporting everyone to have a happy and safe experience. We offer a number of boutique packages which provide transport to local restaurants if required. 

Corporate Amazing Race

Corporate Amazing Race is a unique corporate event that gives something back to the community. Using the Amazing Race component of our Urban Expeditions program, your staff will be challenged as they race through the Sydney CBD answering riddles, picking up clues and collecting items to build a children’s toy. And at the end of the race, the toys that are constructed will be donated to different services throughout Wesley Mission. 

Homeless Food Challenge

More than 17 per cent of Australia’s youth are homeless. Our Homeless Food Challenge is a unique way to learn more about homelessness and find a way to support our  homeless services. Wesley Vision Valley Urban Expeditions and Wesley Volunteers have developed an interactive Homeless Food Challenge that will not only educate you and your staff on the facts surrounding homelessness, but will provide an opportunity to support our homeless services. Your team will complete a series of challenges throughout the Sydney CBD relating to homelessness, whether it’s in relation to shelter, food or how to stay safe and warm, followed by an opportunity to donate food to one of our accommodation services within the city. 

Corporate volunteering

We have many opportunities for corporate volunteering. Whether you’re interested in a small gardening project or your team has the skills to construct a new gazebo, we’d love to welcome you and your team for a corporate volunteering day.

Corporate volunteering supports our Operation Hope program by providing resources and man hours to Wesley Vision Valley, allowing us to reallocate the funds to financially support young people through a 12-month program of personal development.

Corporate adventures

Our purpose built High Ropes Breakthru will challenge individuals and develop team collaboration, communication and trust. Whether taking a controlled free fall from a 14 metre telegraph pole (the Power Fan), balancing on the 12-metre-high Lily Pads (High Ropes), or flying along the new 120 metre dual flying fox, you and your team will be thrilled at the results.

Your group can tackle the Low Ropes course—designed to deliver many of the outcomes of our High Ropes course, building trust and communication but minus the heart-stopping heights. Another option could be practicing the mix of cognitive and communication skills needed to navigate our orienteering course as a team or learning the Zen-like powers of concentration required for archery.

Many more activities can be incorporated into your day retreat such as canoeing, horse riding, raft building, abseiling or rock climbing. The choice is defined by your time, your objectives and in consultation with our Program Coordinator.

Our corporate adventure activities will teach your team members something about themselves and one another that will benefit them back in the workplace.

Check out the full list of activities at Wesley Vision Valley.

Wesley Vision Valley Activities

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