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Your students will have an exciting opportunity to experience learning beyond the classroom. We are now offering curriculum-based programs and short courses for school groups that will equip your students for the future. 

Through our partnership with Wesley Training and Wesley Vocational Institute (RTO Code 90091), an established provider for nationally recognised qualifications up to diploma level and Workforce Development Programs, Wesley Vision Valley can help:

  • engage Instructional Designers to modify content from an extensive range of accredited and non-accredited courses to meet your curriculum and DET requirements
  • students become job-ready through industry skills short courses
  • provide courses that qualify teachers for Professional Development points during a camp or on student free days.

New programs and short courses for school groups

  • Life Ready course

    The mandatory* Life Ready course prepares and supports senior students as they encounter situations related to health and safety, become more independent and gain more responsibilities.

    The six components of the Life Ready course offered to school groups can be tailored to focus on three different areas:

    • local community and citizenship
    • mental health awareness
    • Christian contextualisation.

    *NSW government high schools

  • Industry Skills short courses

    The Industry Skills short courses provide participants with basic work skills for entry-level employment in the industry. Highly practical and with minimal book work, these two-day courses for school groups offer a ‘hands-on’ approach to skills development and include:

    • Barista short course with an introduction to Hospitality
    • Gardening short course with an introduction to Horticulture
    • Community services short course with an introduction to Community services
    • Cleaning short course with an introduction to Asset maintenance
    • Small business short course with an introduction to Microbusiness and Social enterprises
    • Building and trades short course with an introduction to Construction and trades work.
  • Mental Health programs

    Mental Health programs help students and teaching staff gain skills in developing resilience and caring for people who are facing mental health issues. These courses are for school groups and include:

    • • Mental Health First Aid (Standard)
    • • Mental Health First Aid (Youth)
    • • Mental Health First Aid (Older Persons)
    • • Mental Health and Resiliency training

    Teachers, please check with your industry accreditation body to determine if the above programs are eligible for CPD points.

  • Indigenous Studies workshop

    Our Indigenous Studies programs can be delivered to school groups over two intensive days or spread out over several sessions. The programs are focused on building skills to become culturally aware and competent when working and relating with diverse groups of people. Available in accredited and non-accredited short course formats.

  • Science Education

    Our partnership with the Wesley Gardening crews help facilitate a two-day intensive flora and fauna short course for school groups. All components can be mapped to DET courses with pre-consultation.

Other offerings

  • Band camps

    Band camps allow kids to discover their unique musical talent. See their faces light up as they take to the stage and hear them perform the piece they have been practicing with such dedication. We offer a beautiful, natural environment in which students can play as an individual and as part of a group.There are many areas for small group practice, a raised stage with lights and lots of space to be noisy.

  • Bike program

    Our Bike program caters for students of all abilities from rural and remote communities. It offers them the opportunity to bike ride on a range of different off-site terrains. We have a variety of high quality mountain bikes and disability support bikes that offer all students the opportunity to participate.

  • Sample program

    These programs are designed to show you what a typical event would look like and what we would recommend for a successful program. Of course, you’re also welcome to design your own.

    1 Day Sample Program
    2 Day Sample Program
    3 Day Sample Program

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