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Team building

Wesley Vision Valley offers a range of facilities which allow you to discover new things about yourself and your colleagues as you swing, dangle, free-fall or climb. For all booking enquiries call 1800 043 344 or email 

Ice Breakers

Ice breakers start your camp or retreat by creating a positive group atmosphere. They break the ice, energise and motivate—help people to ‘think outside the box’ and to get to know one another. Our Activities Facilitators will lead your team through appropriate activities to meet your needs.

Low Ropes 1—Teamwork and Initiatives

Our Low Ropes Teamwork and Initiatives is designed for challenging circumstances where participants will need to work as a team to finish the task. The low ropes elements are close to the ground so the perceived risk is low but still challenging to complete. The course explores problem solving, leadership and teamwork.

Low Ropes 2—Circuit

Participants walk tightropes and negotiate obstacles using cables, ropes, tyres and wooden poles among trees. Teams explore risk taking, leadership and teamwork. Participants slowly expand their comfort zones and recognise fears that may block individual and team achievement. Each challenge draws upon team members to actively support each other.


With modern bows and large targets, our Instructors will ensure that each person's attempt at archery is a real hit. After some basic techniques and safety instruction, clients have a number of turns firing at targets. We also run games to ensure participants truly enjoy themselves.

Team building

A series of team building and problem solving activities are presented to the group, encouraging the development of trust and group cooperation. These challenges are low key and involve only a little physical effort. They are a good way to kick off your team building retreat. All activities will be chosen based on the specific outcome your group desires.

Leap of Faith or All Aboard

Leap of Faith and All Aboard will test your strength, agility and attitude to heights. This activity can either be run individually or as a team challenge. Individually you will need to climb up a telegraph pole to reach the top while the Instructor or participants take turns in belaying the person up.

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