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The Duke of Edinburgh program

Wesley Vision Valley offers a unique and convenient location for students to complete The Duke of Edinburgh International Award – Australia, Gold Residential Project.

CFR5863 WVV DOE 810X540 v1Why choose Wesley Vision Valley for The Duke of Ed Gold Residential Project?

Our affordable program offers tailored activities to suit your specific needs and interests. Set in a convenient, yet secluded location just 30 minutes from Hornsby, Wesley Vision Valley features excellent facilities and beautiful outdoor spaces as well as on-site accommodation and catering.

We offer volunteering opportunities across a broad range of Wesley Mission services and students have opportunities to meet new people, develop confidence, and challenge themselves with support from our encouraging staff.

To know more about Wesley Vision Valley and the transforming power of the great outdoors, read this article.

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To see if Wesley Vision Valley is right for students pursuing The Duke of Ed Gold Residential Project, call 1800 043 344 or email for more information.

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