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Last Christmas, Simon and his children had nothing under their tree.

We need to raise $340,000 for programs that support families, like Simon’s when their lives are in turmoil.

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    “I wanted to give my boys a special Christmas and just make them happy. But money was so tight, I couldn’t afford any presents. I tried to be the best dad I could be, but I was in a bad place.” – Simon, single dad to Dylan and James.

    Christmas is a wonderful time for many of us, a time of reflection and celebration. While we all hope for a season filled with good food, gifts for family, and children’s smiling faces – for far too many Australians who are suffering financially, that idyllic vision of Christmas couldn’t be further from reality.

    Like single father Simon, who struggled through last Christmas in crisis and despair, unable to give his two young sons the joyful festive season we all hope for.

    Things had fallen apart for Simon earlier in the year, when his abusive and violent wife abandoned the family. Simon was left to raise his children alone. With both boys diagnosed with chronic conditions, he had to leave his job to care for their special needs.

    Simon’s story highlights just how quickly things can spiral out of control when a family is suffering financially. He was left without basic needs like electricity, two children to care for and no idea how to fix the situation.

    Thankfully, Simon was referred to Wesley Mission Financial Counselling Services before things got any worse.  He met Cora, one of Wesley Mission’s professionally qualified financial counsellors.

    After months of feeling alone and helpless, he was relieved to finally find someone offering a helping hand, and with Cora’s assistance and support, Simon began to feel in control again and was able to start building a better, more stable life for his boys.

    “This Christmas is going to be a lot better. It will still be tight, but I feel freer.”


    Names and photos have been changed to protect privacy.

Please bring hope and joy to more children and families like Simon’s.

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