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COVID-19 makes homelessness harder than ever


COVID-19 is creating a new level of isolation for many of us. But even from a distance, we can still work together to care for the most vulnerable in our community. After a difficult year of drought, bushfires, floods and now a pandemic, more people than ever before are likely to need our homeless services this winter.

Sadly, we will not be able to assist everyone who needs us unless we have extra support. A donation of any size would make a huge difference to a family experiencing homelessness like Katie’s*. Read Katie’s story here.

$15 can provide someone sleeping rough with a nourishing food pack, including tinned staples and a bottle of water.

$40 can provide a personal care and toiletry pack including soap and tissues to someone needing to live in our accommodation service.

$80 can give an emergency relief hamper of staples like pasta, milk, canned food and cereal to help feed a struggling family of four, for a week. 

$115 can provide a person with a warm bed for the night, their own safe, secure and private room with hot meals and support to help them back on their feet.

With your help now, Wesley Mission can provide comprehensive services that include:

  • crisis accommodation where families can stabilise their situation
  • interim housing and sustainable solutions for the long-term
  • support for financial difficulties that can prevent evictions and homelessness
  • referral to education, employment and counselling opportunities

Please support our Word and deed mission to those who are homeless this winter. Your generosity can give hope and health when it is needed most.

* Name, details and photo changed for privacy

Katie’s life changed literally overnight

  • Click to read Katie's story

    The old house where Katie lived with her two little brothers and her parents, Simone and Glenn, burnt down because of faulty wiring. They lost everything except a few small keepsakes they managed to salvage as they escaped from the fire. Simone and Glenn were desperate to quickly find them a new home. But Glenn’s casual labouring job tied him to Sydney. With his low income, rising rents, and so many other people looking for a place, no landlord would approve their application. Finally, they were forced to move into a friend’s dilapidated garage. Glenn rigged up plastic tarpaulins on ropes to create makeshift rooms. But there was no electricity or running water, and the roof leaked. When winter came, the cold was hard to bear. Simone dressed the children in every stitch of clothing she owned to try to keep them warm. A ‘shower’ was a shivering wash in icy water under the house-tap outside. Katie was scared of the dark, and for her the long winter nights with no power felt very frightening. When families live on just one income, they have difficulty securing a private rental property. But we could help Katie and her family thanks to generous people like you. First our team found them a motel room, then transitional accommodation.

    “Wesley Mission gave us somewhere safe and warm to sleep,” Glenn says. “That was the breathing space I needed to find a new job which is full time.”

    “Wesley Mission also gave us a good reference as renters and helped us get a bond together. Now we’re back renting our own place again. For the first time I feel hopeful about our future and being able to provide for my family. This wouldn’t have happened without Wesley Mission.”

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