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Spring Appeal 2021


On his own, Jonny* says he wouldn’t have found his way through. But he wasn’t alone.

For Jonny, school was his ‘safe place’. His home was torn by conflict, leaving him traumatised, anxious and depressed. “It was very difficult… it was overwhelming,” Jonny says. With nowhere else to go, he slept on the grounds of his school. The school phoned Wesley Mission, and with that conversation, he was connected to services that helped him address his mental health issues and set him on the path to recovery.

Many young people like Jonny are struggling with their mental health right now. In fact, three in four Australians say the pandemic has affected their mental health wellbeing**. They urgently need your support – and the wraparound services you help us offer can make the biggest difference.

How your gift connects people to life-changing help

Wesley Mission serves the community in many ways, connecting vulnerable people to the different types of support they need. Your support can help provide:

  • Telephone crisis support services to help people in distress. Giving a person somewhere to safely voice their pain, fears and loneliness can help save their life.
  • Counselling to help people overcome trauma and build coping skills and resilience.
  • Homeless services including crisis accommodation at Wesley Edward Eager Centre, transitional and community housing, along with intervention support to prevent evictions and ensure living arrangements remain secure.
  • Financial counselling to help people manage and break the cycle of debt to take control of their finances.
  • Emergency relief for those experiencing severe financial difficulties, providing groceries and help to pay essential bills like power and rent, preserving tenancies.

Jonny had our ongoing support through the services you help us provide. Now, Jonny is 20 and working in social housing, helping other people find homes. “I used to always be anxious, and that made it very difficult to complete even just normal tasks, but now, I’ve learned not to stress about things,” Jonny says.

By donating today, you can help people get much-needed support for their mental health, along with anything else that’s impacting it and set them on a path to lead mentally healthier lives. Will you show you care for young people and make a difference in their life today?


*Photos have been changed for privacy.

**Wesley Mission “COVID-19’s impact on Australians’ mental health and wellbeing

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