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Wesley Homeless Food Challenge for schools

Did you know there are 17,000 children under the age of 12 without a safe place to sleep in Australia? In response to this, schools across Sydney are taking up the challenge.

Can you shop for three days’ worth of food with only $5?

Wesley Homeless Food Challenge School programThe Wesley Homeless Food Challenge is based around thought-provoking discussions that promote learning, teamwork and empathy. The results? Student growth, empathy for people who are homeless or at threat of becoming homeless and a stocked pantry for Wesley Connect.

Part educational and part The Amazing Race, Wesley Homeless Food Challenge is a community program for schools that makes a difference.

More details

Class or group size: 20 - 100

Time commitment: half day

Community impact: All food bought will be donated to Wesley Connect

What’s required? A willingness to be challenged and students who want to make a difference. We also ask that our school partners cover associated costs.

Ready for the challenge?

Call (02) 9263 5551 or email to discuss school volunteering programs.

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