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Proposed concept design


In late June, Wesley Mission lodged a Development Application with the City of Sydney to refurbish the Wesley Edward Eagar Centre. The upgrade, which is anticipated to start in early 2020 and take approximately 12 months, will make a substantial change to the level of care provided with the following amendments planned:

  • en-suite bathrooms
  • accessible rooms
  • an accessible lift
  • communal areas
  • meeting rooms
  • a roof terrace
  • a second entrance
  • public café where clients and the community can share an inviting communal space

The new model will allow Wesley Mission to focus on the long-term impact and positive change the lodge can have on client’s lives. It will also allow Wesley Mission to better manage the real human issues around homelessness for a wider range of clients, rather than just the numbers game of people and beds.

Below is a fly through of Wesley Edward Eagar Centre once the upgrade has been completed. 

Note: Artist impression only.

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