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12 days of gifts that matter

15 December 2016 Wesley Mission news

Christmas is a season of giving and in this spirit, we revisit the classic carol, the 12 days of Christmas.

You won’t find a partridge in a pear tree or five golden rings at the Wesley Gift Shop. You will, however, find something equally unique and valuable.

With gifts ranging from respite care the reading books, you can personalise your gift for the people you care for most in life.

12 days of gifts that matter

Hamper for a family: for many families, an empty fridge and bare cupboards are difficult truths. Your gift, a food and gift hamper, will provide families in need a great deal of joy.
New socks and jocks: with this gift, we can provide someone experiencing homelessness with a fresh socks and new underpants, restoring both comfort and dignity.
A warm bed: this gift will provide a night’s accommodation in a lockable room, warm meals and all the necessary support to help them back on their feet.
Kitchen supplies: this gift will cover the cost of ingredients for a person with disability to learn how to cook basic meals for themselves, building their self-confidence and independence.
Lifeline to ring: this gift helps our trained volunteer counsellors answer the next phone that rings.
A healthy breakfast: with the help of the Wesley Breakfast Club, your gift will provide breakfast for two hungry students who would otherwise go without.
Nursery rhyme readers: this gift will allow children from these families to discover the joy of reading through a set of nursery rhyme books.
Prepaid phone credit: this gift helps us provide phone credit so people in need can contact caseworkers, doctors, potential employers and support services.
A haircut or shave: with this gift, we can give someone experiencing homelessness a haircut or shave, boosting their confidence, and greatly improving their likelihood of securing employment and accommodation.
Basic cooking lessons: this gift will provide a woman transitioning into our emergency accommodation with the basics to get started; cutlery and cooking utensils, tea towels, cleaning products and a washing basket.
Stationery for school kids: pencils, rulers and erasers are the basics of school life but many children go without. This gift will help re-write their schooling story with a happy ending.
Respite for a carer: through Wesley Respite Services, this gift will give a loving carer two hours to take a break while they provide critical services in the home.

Don’t battle the crowds, visit the Wesley Gift Shop and buy a gift that matters this Christmas