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15 families in crisis will come to our door today

1 March 2018 Wesley Mission news

Chloe was just six when her mother Ashley was diagnosed with a serious illness. Suddenly, Ashley couldn't work or drive, all while expecting the birth of her second child, and the family was plunged into crisis.

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After Ashley was diagnosed with her illness, she had two operations to help stop her seizures. She was excited to think that the operations would be life changing for her and they were; but not in the way she hoped. Sadly the operations did not stop her seizures and Chloe’s mother was faced with a life where her illness would always affect her.

The daily struggle of life with a serious illness became too much for Ashley, and so after her son Noah was born, both children were taken into care. Ashley says that she was told that, “[they had] to take the children until I straighten my life up - it’s the only way to get the children back.”

For some people this would have been the start of a downward spiral, but something inside Ashley was telling her that she needed to get help, find a way back and get her family back together.

To get her children back, Ashley needed somewhere to live and that’s when she walked through our doors and met Lea, our support worker. The team organised a place for Ashley at Wesley Accommodation Support for Families, a short term supported accommodation facility for families who are in crisis.

Shortly after Ashley arrived in our supported accommodation, she, Chloe and little Noah were reunited.

The early days were difficult for Ashley. “I was scared. I just felt like I was starting by myself. It didn't take long until I felt happy again” she explains. “They helped me a lot in the beginning. Even if it wasn't to do with accommodation, I could just call and ask,” says Ashley.

Family crisis is not something that only happens to other people, it can happen to any of us. Financial stress, domestic violence, sickness; any one of these could break up a family.

Children living in crisis are faced with many hardships, most of all homelessness. Our services work to stop families in crisis becoming homeless and that’s vital not only for mums like Ashley but for their children too. We help families in crisis not just by providing short term crisis accommodation but also by helping parents to build their independence through time management, help with managing the household budget and by helping them find somewhere permanent to live.

This vital work can stop the cycle of family crisis turning into homelessness by ensuring that families like Ashley’s that come to us each day get the support they need to rebuild their lives.

Today Chloe, Noah and Ashley have found a place of their own to live as a family again, though Ashley still needs ongoing support to live independently as she copes with a serious illness.

With your support, we can break the cycle of family crisis by giving those 15 families that walk through our door today and every day will get the help they truly need.

*Names and photos have been changed to protect privacy.