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Alec's debut as Jesus in Good Friday drama

26 March 2018 Wesley Mission news
Alec Green, actor playing Jesus Christ in Good Friday drama

Alec Green, actor playing Jesus Christ in Wesley Mission's Good Friday drama.

Meet Alec Green. If you stop by the Martin Place amphitheatre on Good Friday, you can watch Alec in his debut performance, playing the role of Jesus Christ. Every Easter, Wesley Mission re-enacts the events from the first Good Friday, where Jesus was crucified on a cross in the ultimate act of compassion. Alec will re-enact Jesus’ suffering and public humiliation as he was arrested, tried and convicted. Then, Alec will carry the cross through the streets of Sydney to the place of crucifixion. We caught up with Alec to find out how he feels about his upcoming performance.

How long have you been acting for?

Alec: I have been acting since I was quite young. I’ve always loved the class performances, even back in pre-school and I guess I just never stopped.

What sorts of roles have you previously played?

Alec: I have played many roles over the years primarily in the world of musical theatre. Since 2009 I have been in about 16 different musicals with different schools and theatre companies. The most recent includes Sir Bedevere in Sydney Youth Musical Theatre's Spamalot and Professor Harold Hill in Hornsby Musical Society's performance of The Music Man.

Why did you decide to take part in Wesley Mission’s Easter drama?

Alec: I have seen some of Isaac's work before (Easter drama director) and when he asked me to join I was honoured! I love having the opportunity to combine my love of performing and my faith.

How do you feel about playing the role of Jesus?

Alec: Honestly, honoured and a little daunted. How do you do justice to the most influential and impactful person in history, let alone the creator of the universe? But I just want to do all I can to glorify him through this.

How are you feeling about the upcoming performance?

Alec: Pretty good, if a little nervous. In most of my previous performing experiences there has been a distinct line between performers and the audience. However with the carrying of the cross, the lines become blurred as the audience become part of the story. So I'm feeling good about it over all, but I understand it will be a bit of an intense experience.

How to do think the Sydney community will respond to the public drama on Good Friday?

Alec: It’s hard to say, but I think it will at least get people thinking about what’s going on. Hopefully the people will listen and engage with the story and start to question the ramifications for themselves. This performance has quite a wide reach over such a range of people, but I hope everyone who comes to watch will get something out of it, regardless of where they're at or where they come from.

Do you think it’s important to share the crucifixion story over Easter?

Alec: Absolutely! Christmas is an important time of year and people do still associate it with a time of love and community despite the slightly less Christ-focused outlook from many. However, Easter is the entire crux of the matter. It is Jesus' entire reason for coming in the first place. As such, ensuring that people remember and understand why we have this celebration every year, makes sure it’s more than simply a day to eat chocolate. 

Is acting a career you're pursuing or a hobby on the side?

Alec: A bit of both honestly. I thoroughly enjoy the performing arts and getting up on the stage but it’s one of the most competitive fields in the world. I'm currently doing a Bachelor degree in Arts Industries at Macquarie University to try and pursue a career in the performing industry, even if I never become a full-time actor.

What else do you do in your spare time?

Alec: That requires actually having any spare time! At the moment I'm keeping myself very busy between work, church, uni, singing and multiple performances. But when I do have a little time to myself I love catching up with friends, watching movies, listening to music or simply sitting down and losing myself in a good book.

What church do you attend?

Alec: I attend St Faiths Anglican Church in Narrabeen on the northern beaches of Sydney. I regularly attend morning church, I am involved in a performing group that shares the Gospel with local schools and I quite often teach Sunday School through St Faiths.