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AMP zipline raises $1 million for Australian charities

23 October 2017 Wesley Mission news

A 125m zipline in Circular Quay meant the rain wasn’t the only thing that had Sydneysiders looking skyward. Linking two iconic AMP skyscrapers, the AMP Foundation Big Zipper was the first building-to-building zipline in Australia. And for the 160 participants, it was the first time they’d left a building on the 47th storey.

Across two days, daring fundraisers ziplined between two of Sydney’s tallest buildings to raise funds for a good cause. Celebrating 25 years of the AMP Foundation, participants were charged with a $5,000 fundraising target and a choice of AMP Foundation’s 12 charity partners, including Wesley Mission. And while fundraising dollars are still trickling in, the event has now reached its $1 million target.

AMP Big Zipper

Wesley Mission’s fundraisers included corporate partners, supporters, staff and members of the public. Standing before a 188m drop, they all leapt from the platform and made the exhilarating journey. Yet flying high above Sydney’s skyline wasn’t their most impressive feat, rather it was their collective effort of raising over $114,000 for Wesley Mission. These funds will be used for Wesley Mission’s large range of community programs.

“I read about the Wesley Take Charge of your Life program and picked Wesley Mission (from among AMP’s charity partners). I really wanted to raise money to help kids get back on their feet after leaving foster care,” said Ernest, Wesley Mission fundraiser.

“I did the Wesley Homeless Food Challenge… it was mind-blowing to experience what it is like to live on so little. I am passionate about what Wesley Mission does supporting those most in need,” explained Jackie, Wesley Homeless Food participant and Wesley Mission fundraiser.

Out of the 160 participants who rode the Big Zipper, few were more emotional than two Wesley Mission clients. Steph, who received treatment for an eating disorder at Wesley Hospital Ashfield, wanted to take part despite her fear of heights, to help raise awareness and funds for the programs that offered her assistance.

“I’d only do this for Wesley Mission. I have a fear of heights but really wanted to give something back,” explained Steph.

Tash conquers the AMP Big Zipper

Tash, the more daring of the two, was happy to ride the Big Zipper and was excited by the opportunity to raise funds for Wesley Mission, after being helped by Wesley Take Charge of Your Life. Tash shared her inspiration at the end of the zipline.

“I did this for Wesley Mission because they’ve helped me more than anyone else ever has.”

If you’re inspired by what’s been achieved through the AMP Foundation Big Zipper, find out how you can fundraise for Wesley Mission.

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