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Broken made new: a message for Australia and the world

11 April 2017 Wesley Mission news

Wesley Mission, will host a series of powerful Easter events, re-enactments and more than 20 worship services during Holy Week 2017. For more than 50 years it has taken the story of Easter into the public square giving thousands of people the opportunity to hear and share in its life-changing meaning.

In a world of continuing suffering and uncertainty this year’s key Easter message of 'broken made new' resonates strongly with Australians and speaks powerfully into the minds of countless people across the world.

Wesley Mission Superintendent the Rev Keith Garner said the message of generous love, forgiveness and acceptance is a reminder that even in our deepest despair, life can be made new.

Sadly, brokenness not wholeness marks the experience of a growing number of Australians and people all around the world,” Mr Garner said. “This is one reason why Easter is increasingly important and a message we share with urgency.

“At Wesley Mission we deal with broken lives every day: loneliness, isolation, mental health issues, homelessness, poverty and relationship conflict can drive people over the edge and into despair.

“Since the early days of the Christian community, Easter and Holy Week have been observed as a special time to focus on Jesus Christ and His message of grace, forgiveness and restoration. This message is timely as many people around the world and our nation seek healing, wholeness and understanding in the face of conflict, hate and fear.

“Easter still provides not only Wesley Mission but the broader church family with the opportunity to proclaim the good news in the marketplace. It is a time when people are open to the narrative and can reflect upon the Easter message of broken lives longing for renewal.

“By joining with others and taking part in the dramatic and engaging events of Holy Week, we can let that message of love and forgiveness penetrate our lives.”