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Coober Pedy community to come together for suicide prevention

21 November 2016 Wesley Mission news


Wesley LifeForce will be hosting a meeting for Coober Pedy community members on Thursday 1 December with the aim of addressing the issue of suicide in the community.

Wesley LifeForce works with communities around the country to bring together local individuals and organisations that go on to develop local suicide prevention strategies.

The meeting on 1 December will be the first of its kind. It is the result of discussions between Wesley LifeForce and service representatives working in the area of mental health.

Wesley Mission’s CEO, the Rev Dr Keith V Garner, encouraged residents to get involved.

“The aim is to empower people to tackle this difficult issue in a manner best suited to the needs of people living in Coober Pedy" he said. ”

“Simple effective interventions can make a difference and save lives – Wesley LifeForce networks can help communities develop local activities that address the issue of suicide.”

Wesley Mission has helped establish and continues to support more than 65 community-based suicide prevention networks across Australia. Through Wesley LifeForce workshops and seminars it has trained more than 35,000 people in suicide prevention.