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Could you live on just $10 for three days?

15 January 2018 Wesley Mission news

Did you know 105,237 Australians are currently homeless?* Out of the 105,237, only six per cent represent those who are sleeping rough*. Homelessness comes in many forms. It includes families staying in crisis and emergency accommodation or a young person sleeping on a friend’s couch.

“Most people are only two or three pay checks away from struggling if life throws them a few curve balls at once. I have a lot more compassion for the homeless and don’t make any judgements now about how they came to be in that situation,” said Claire, Lead Facilitator of Wesley Mission’s Corporate Challenges.

Wesley Homeless Food Challenge

Wesley Homeless Food Challenger Lead Facilitator, Claire (second left), with a group of participants.

For people who are homeless or at threat of becoming homeless, stretching $10 to provide three days’ worth of meals is a reality. Could you live on just $10 for three days?

It’s time to find out whether you could survive. A half-day course, the Wesley Homeless Food Challenge is based around fast-paced simulation exercises and thought-provoking discussions that promote teamwork and empathy. It gives you the opportunity for you to shop for three days’ worth of food with less money than you would spend on a gourmet sandwich.

The session is split into two parts. The first section includes working in teams against other colleagues in a number of educational activities. Then, each team is given a scenario, such as a family living in car or a single older woman sleeping rough, and you’ll be asked to find enough food and care products for them to survive on for three days.

Wesley Homeless Food Challenge activities

Wesley Homeless Food Challenge team members participate in educational activities about homelessness.

Teams need to strategies in order to make the most out of their budget and beat the other teams in terms of cost, nutrition, creativity and a luxury item. Whether you ask for donated products from local businesses or shop at the local supermarket, you’ll only have short time limit to complete the task.

“Most people feel sorry for the homeless people they walk past on the street, but feel powerless to help. This is a really tangible way for people to make a difference in a short time,” said Claire.

“It’s a fantastic team building activity, which is educational, fun and makes people feel good about what they’ve achieved.

“The biggest shift I see in participants is their increased empathy for our homeless clients and an understanding that it’s something that can happen to any one of us.”

At end of the session, all food and care products are donated to Wesley Connect—an inner-city food and care program that helps those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

“Without the Wesley Homeless Food Challenge, we simply wouldn’t have the food available at Wesley Connect to give out to the 50 individuals/families we support each week,” said Claire.

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Discover more about Sydney’s homeless population by enrolling your work team in the Wesley Homeless Food Challenge.

To book your Wesley Homeless Food Challenge event call (02) 9263 5551 or email for bookings and enquiries.

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*All statistics are referenced from Homelessness Australia.