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Easter Breakfast invites challenged to reach the broken

11 April 2017 Wesley Mission news

Easter Breakfast 2017 Rev Keith Garner

At Wesley Mission’s annual Easter Breakfast, Superintendent Rev Keith Garner issued a challenge to those present: “What will you do with your brokenness?”

During Mr Garner’s message, which focused on the theme, ‘Broken made new’, he asked the audience to consider how they will respond to brokenness in their lives and communities, throughout the Easter season.

“Brokenness is a part of the real challenge of the world. We deal with it every day here through loneliness, isolation, mental health issues … homelessness and the ever increasing number of relationships that are torn apart,” said Mr Garner.

Celebrating its 53rd year, our Easter Breakfast, held at The Wesley Centre in Sydney, drew professionals from many diverse backgrounds to meet and network, while enjoying a hot breakfast. Hosted by Honorary Secretary of Wesley Mission, Dr Keith Suter explained the importance of Wesley Mission’s work in the community before inviting those present to donate.

“Just as Jesus brought broken people to himself throughout his ministry, welcoming them the offering of wholeness and forgiveness, so too is Wesley Mission’s word and ministry … it’s about taking broken lives and making them new.”

 Following a prayer from Mr Garner, Premier of NSW, The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, was invited to read a Bible passage, from Luke 23:32-43, sharing the story of Jesus Christ’s last hours on the cross. Ms Berejiklian thanked Wesley Mission for their work in the community and reflected on her personal connection to Easter, sharing her story of journeying to the Middle East, 20 years ago, to celebrate Easter with her family.

Easter Breakfast 2017 NSW Premier“As Premier of NSW I have not had the chance to publicly thank the work of Wesley Mission. Their ongoing work, day in and day out—supporting those through the community through Christian faith, who are most vulnerable,” she said. “It’s that message of hope that we come to celebrate today.”

Mr Garner then interviewed internationally acclaimed artist, children’s entertainer and award-winning musician, Colin Buchanan. Throughout the interview, Mr Buchanan reflected upon his new album, ‘Calvary Road’, his journey to becoming a musician, the joys of communicating the gospel message to children and why he chooses to share his faith through his music.

Before Mr Buchanan gave his moving performance of ‘Outside the Camp’, from his new album, he explained the meaning of his song in relevance to Easter.

Easter Breakfast 2017 Interview1“If God were to be here, what sort of introduction would you give him? What achievements would you list if he walked in? Jesus Christ walking into history, has no acknowledgment. The place you expect to find the King of kings is at the palace."


Easter Breakfast Colin Buchana“But if you step outside the palace, outside the walls, into the garbage dump, into the execution grounds, that’s where you find him … Death is met by love and that’s impressive. If death is met by love that then defeats death and brings life, that’s going to turn the world upside down. And that happens outside the camp, outside glory and honour and it happens on the cross, in the grave and then the resurrection and that’s Easter.”

Mr Garner then expanded on Ms Berejiklian’s Bible reading about the two men who were crucified alongside Jesus. He explained how these two men responded to brokenness differently – one with mockery, while the other reached out for forgiveness. Dr Suter then asked the invitees to help the broken people in their communities by donating to Wesley Mission.

In closing, an invitation was extended to those present to join our Easter events this weekend, including our Good Friday drama and public procession, starting at Martin Place, and Easter Sunrise Service at the Sydney Opera House.