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Excerpts from the experts: 4 tips for dealing with stress

22 July 2016 Wesley Mission news

In a recent Australian Psychological Society study, 35% of Australians reported having significant amounts of distress in their lives—that’s  eight million people. For some of these people, stress will come and go without serious or long term effects, but for many, it can become an overwhelming and negative force in their lives.

Crisis telephone counsellors are often their last hope and saviour.

Last year, counsellors like Libby Collins answered 34,864 calls for help at Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland. While the reasons for these calls were varied, the large majority of callers were dealing with overwhelming  amounts of stress.

It’s this experience that Libby draws on to share these four tips for dealing with stress.

The work of Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland is made possible by the commitment of Wesley Mission volunteers. Click here if you’d like to become a counsellor yourself or here to donate and support their training.