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Five tips for building stronger families and communities

15 May 2017 Wesley Mission news

National Families Week 5 Tips

This week, 15 – 21 May, is National Families Week and more than a hundred thousand people are taking part in hundreds of community events to celebrate the vital role families play in Australian society. Here at Wesley Mission, we work alongside families every day, supporting them to grow stronger and more resilient through skills training, education, counselling and a range of other support services.

Stronger families create stronger communities, so from Riverstone to Dungog and beyond, we’re doing all the good we can to support families the best we can.

These are our top five tips for building stronger families and communities.

1. Invest

Don’t worry, this isn’t financial advice. Relationships are built through time and experiences. If you invest time in your family and community, your support networks will undoubtedly strengthen.

2. Encourage

When U.S Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, said “when we stand together, we will always win” he was referring to the looming election campaign but his words stand true for any and every family unit. When we support each other, we cannot fail. 

3. Act local 

Consider your local community an extension of your family unit. Shop local when possible, join local clubs and organisations and support community initiatives. You’ll see your efforts multiply into your own family.

4. Serve

One of our values is Christlike Servanthood, something we believe anyone would benefit from aiming for, families included.

5. Celebrate

An un-celebrated goal is the tree that no one saw fall in the forest. Don’t let success pass without at least a high-five, celebrate them and reap the rewards of a strong, resilient family.