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Hazel proves age is no barrier in table tennis

11 April 2016 Wesley Mission news

Inspired by NSW Seniors Week, we’ve created the Lifehacks from the Learned series. Aimed at celebrating the seniors we work with and serve we’ll be sourcing and sharing advice from the very talented instructors at Wesley School for Seniors and our residents in Wesley Aged Care.

In today’s video, you’ll meet Hazel, one of the table tennis instructors at Wesley School for Seniors. You can see her tips on the sport below.

As “speed” and “agility” are words that are often associated with table tennis. You might think that it’s a sport just for young people. However, every week 78 year old Hazel shows age is no barrier.

Hazel was introduced to the sport in 1999 by a friend and said she was instantly enthusiastic about it.

“It’s always different, every shot is different ad your opponents change,” she said.

In 2003 she suggested table tennis as an activity to Wesley School for Seniors and became a tutor soon after.

Hazel said the continuous movement of table tennis has helped her arthritis and the focus demanded by the sport means she forgets about the stresses of life.

“I recommend it to people,” she said. “Have a go because it’s a lot of fun.”