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How to live a life filled with purpose

22 February 2018 Wesley Mission news

At some stage of our lives many of us will ask: “What should I do with my life? Or “What is my life’s purpose?” Or “What on earth am I here for?”

Having purpose provides meaning and direction in life. It offers fulfilment in a way status or money cannot provide.

So how do you discover your purpose? Purpose and fulfilment can firstly be found through a relationship with God.

Secondly, it's understanding that purpose comes from service. By giving our lives away to help others, we can find meaning and significance.

So, what are you doing with what you’ve been given? How are you using your talents, resources and influence to serve others?

Discover your purpose

You’re invited to start this journey of discovery by coming along to five services this year that focus on helping you discover your purpose. Each service has a different theme including how to live with purpose, beating stress, finding your community of support, how to become selfless and ultimately, discovering how your relationship with God is crucial to living out your purpose.

Hosted by Wesley Mission CEO, the Rev Keith Garner, the service will feature worship led by Redeemer Baptist Music Ministries and a special guest will share their testimony.

The first service will be held on Sunday 4 March at the Wesley Theatre and John Cotterill, Lifeline volunteer, will share his story of how he found purpose through his relationship with God.

Upcoming services