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How to support children through a bushfire crisis

28 January 2020 Wesley Mission news

WM 29299 Children Website 810x540Whether you’re directly impacted by Australia’s current bushfire crisis or concerned by the media coverage, we understand bushfires can be a scary and traumatic experience for children.

Children will react differently to a natural disaster depending on their age. Some will experience nightmares, withdrawal, loss or increase in appetite and even aggressive behaviour.

You can play a vital role in helping your children experience healing from trauma and moving forward with their lives.

What can I do to help?

  • Let your children know your own feelings and reassure them it’s normal to feel upset.
  • Encourage children to express their feelings, listen and don’t pass judgement.
  • Be patient. Reassure your child they are not responsible for what has happened.
  • Don’t criticise your child if showing regressive behaviour.
  • Include your child in making plans for the future.
  • Keep your regular routines where possible.

Where should I go for help?

Need further support?

The following resources are educative tools you can use to support your child through a crisis:

This article is based off information developed by Lifeline.