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Jimmy’s heart and soul for volunteering

12 January 2018 Wesley Mission news

Over 190 volunteers were welcomed to Wesley Mission’s 2017 Volunteer Appreciation Function on 19 November. The awards ceremony honoured the commitment of Wesley Mission’s 6,500 volunteers who generously share their time and skills to do all the good they can.

This year, Wesley Mission’s CEO, the Rev Keith Garner announced winners in six categories, chosen from 70 nominees. One of those winners is Jimmy Hill, who was chosen as Wesley Senior Volunteer of the Year.

For more than 13 years, Jimmy Hill has been a committed volunteer at Wesley School for Seniors, which offers more than 90 courses to help people over 55 keep their minds and bodies active and stay connected to the community.

Jimmy first came to Wesley School for Seniors as a student, but his talents were quickly recognised and he began tutoring classes in movie appreciation, public speaking and debating. His engaging style and easy rapport had attracted more and more students to the school. Jimmy now regularly tutors four classes, spending three days a week at Wesley School for Seniors. In addition to caring for his students, Jimmy also mentors and supports his fellow tutors at Tutor Support Sessions.

“Jimmy is enthusiastic, bringing a lot of humour to the place and is always very cheerful and ready to support,” said Jeannie, Program Coordinator at Wesley School for Seniors.

Without devoted volunteers like Jimmy, Wesley Mission simply could not deliver many of our critical services to the community.