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Joanne teaches a Christ-centred experience through Holy Yoga

19 June 2018 Wesley Mission news

A registered Holy Yoga instructor, Joanne started teaching at the Wesley School for Seniors in early 2017. She shares her top tips on practising the art as part of our Lifehacks from the Learned series.

Holy Yoga is a global community that’s dedicated to taking the gospel worldwide. It uses the medium of Yoga to create a Christ-centred experience for mind, body and soul. The word Yoga means union, which Joanne relates to passionately; she loves to create an experience where her students can find greater peace, freedom and healing. 

“I believe that Christ is always trying to bring us back to wholeness and unity in him,” Joanne explains.

Joanne has practised Yoga for at least eight years and loves that it’s a craft  you can always expand on and further learning as a community.

“My students are often the best teachers of Yoga, and of life!” says Joanne.

The most rewarding thing about teaching for Joanne is seeing the transformation of her students, both on and off the mat.  She loves seeing people welcomed into the community, grow in their new environment and develop relationships with others—Joanne feels this is what is at the heart of the Wesley School for Seniors.

“It’s the absolute highlight of my week!” says Joanne of her classes.

Joanne describes Wesley School for Seniors as a place of love, hope and joy, and praises the health and wellbeing that the initiative promotes. She has seen her classes address the issue of social isolation and watched genuine friendships thrive. As well as the connectivity of the school, Joanne’s witnessed the improvements in physical health, flexibility, strength and stamina of her students.

“The physical modality of Yoga, especially a chair practice, is a gentle and effective way to move the body,” says Joanne.

The breathing techniques and movements that Yoga employs can also be beneficial for managing stress, learning to relax and becoming more self-aware. Holy Yoga is one of the many classes held at Wesley School for Seniors. Find out more about the course, and what else is on offer at Wesley School for Seniors .