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Joy in the suffering

3 April 2020 Wesley Mission news

WM PalmSunday 2019 10 joy in the suffering articleLife for first-century Jews was tough. They were ruled by a foreign power – Rome. They felt like their traditional way of life was disappearing. They had to pay high taxes. They didn’t feel free to be who they wanted and live how they wanted.

Which makes the original Palm Sunday an even more remarkable event. Even while facing hardship and turmoil on a daily basis, many of them stopped to celebrate.

The original Palm Sunday, as recorded in in Matthew 21, Mark 11, Luke 19 and John 12, reveals how an oppressed people stopped to joyfully celebrate the coming Messiah.

Even though many people misunderstood Jesus’ mission, they stopped in joy to welcome Him into Jesrusalm. People who had so little, laid their coats on the ground for Jesus to enter on. They stripped branches from nearby trees to lay at Jesus’ feet. Whatever they had, they joyfully placed before Him in celebration and hope.

Palm Sunday teaches us that in spite of suffering, crisis and turmoil, Jesus is a reason to celebrate. Jesus is a reason to have hope and be joyful.

May Jesus give you joy this Easter. May Jesus always be your reason to celebrate.