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Leonore shares her experience and talent for tai chi

8 April 2016 Wesley Mission news

We continue our Lifehacks from the Learned series on seniors sharing their experience at Wesley Mission. Today we meet Leonore who started teaching tai chi at Wesley School for Seniors  last year and who shares her five tips for tai chi in the video below.

Thirty years ago Leonore was walking through a park at Dover Heights in Sydney and said she was captivated by a man doing tai chi.

“I was ecstatic about what I saw and started looking for a tai chi school.”

She learned at a couple of schools before being mentored by a Malaysian master.

Leonore started to teach 15 years ago and always has a bevy of students eager to learn from her.

Everyday she said goes through the gentle, choreographed movements that enhance her energy levels.

“I love it because of the sense of peace it gives me,” she said.