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Lifeline volunteer discovers benefits of mandala colouring

23 October 2017 Wesley Mission news

When Jacs Vittles was at school, she loved drawing but was often told to “stop doodling and concentrate”.

But now, as one of Wesley Mission’s highly trained Lifeline telephone crisis supporters, Jacs has discovered the exact opposite of what her teachers believed… doodling actually helps her to concentrate.

Lifeline Volunteer ColouringAfter years of being told to put her pencils down, Jacs has recently discovered the benefits of picking them up again through mandala colouring, and feels liberated by the experience.

“Imagine my surprise when I was not only given permission to doodle, but actually encouraged to pick up the pencils and allow the free-flow of colour and creativity”, says Jacs.

“It has led to nothing less than a complete revelation.”

Jacs is one of many in Wesley Mission’s passionate team of telephone crisis supporters at Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland, who answer more than 24,000 calls each year. The job requires immense reserves of concentration, providing a listening ear to people facing relationship or financial stresses, and those who feel that life is not worth living.

After some initial scepticism, Jacs says she was won over by mandala colouring after employing the mindfulness technique during a recent shift.

“I adopted the practice hesitantly and with a certain amount of mistrust, but by the end of that first shift, I was a complete and total convert.

“The very act of creatively drawing and colouring significantly improves my levels of concentration, fosters my empathic listening and frees up space in my mind to give my full, undivided attention to the person seeking help on the other end of the phone.”

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