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Lifeline volunteers get Christmas pampering

15 December 2016 Wesley Mission news

Volunteers at Wesley Mission’s Lifeline crisis phone counselling centre at Sydney have received an early and surprising Christmas gift.

When most people will be sitting down to lunch on Christmas Day, Wesley Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers will instead be answering phone calls from people dealing with pressing and difficult issues.

Jayme and Jenny Park, who are Co-Founders of Franki and Seoul, an online retailer of natural and organic Korean skincare and beauty products wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the telephone crisis supporters in advance and give them a pampering for sacrificing their time, not only on Christmas Day but throughout the year.

Jayme was close to finishing her training to become a Lifeline telephone crisis supporter but had to end the training when her mother became sick. So inspired by the training program and work of the current team of volunteers she decided, along with her twin sister, Jenny, to show their appreciation in the best way possible.

Sarah Overton receives some pre Christmas pampering from Jenny Park.

“We were inspired by the amazing work of Lifeline and telephone crisis supporter to redefine beauty as Beauty is Inside-Out, Outside-In,” the sisters said.”Franki and Seoul wants to celebrate the beauty of these amazing Wesley Lifeline volunteers and staff. Christmas is all about giving back to those who give so much to our community.

“Franki and Seoul wants to pamper the telephone crisis supporter with Korean beauty events like face sheet masks, free gift bags, Korean food, and music. We really want to make the telephone crisis supporter and Wesley Lifeline staff feel special and spoilt because they deserve it!” 

Wesley Mission’s Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteer telephone crisis supporters answered more than 37,000 phone calls from people in crisis during the past year.

“We receive many calls from people suffering depression, grieving the loss of a family member, or who are simply lonely,” the CEO of Wesley Mission the Rev Dr Keith Garner said.

“They have no-one else to reach out to, so they call Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland. For us, it’s about giving hope to those people whether on Christmas Day or any day of the year.”


Sarah Overton and Natalie Bascur, both Lifeline telephone crisis supporters, said they were delighted that Jayme and Jenny had remembered the contribution of volunteers.

“Here at Lifeline, we answer thousands of calls from a wide range of people in the community who are in crisis and dealing with issues in their lives,” Sarah said. ”At Christmas time these issues can all be intensified and it means so much to me to be able to help these people, to talk to them and more importantly to listen to them and to help them understand that there are people out there who want to help them through what can be a very difficult time of year.”

Natalie Bascur said it was essential to reach out to others and get to know them.

“Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with family and friends, yet it can be a stark reminder to some at how lonely they feel if they don't have family,” Natalie said. “I love that Lifeline gives me the opportunity to be there for someone that is reaching out."