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Like green shoots after a wildfire: God’s grace draws new life

23 March 2017 Wesley Mission news

When a bushfire erupts it usually destroys everything in its path, leaving the flourishing flora damaged, scorched and black. This is true of many plants, but there are exceptions. Like the Australian Grass Tree.

Easter 2017 Broken Made NewDid you know that the Australian Grass Tree can flower prolifically after a fire? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, its flower spikes are a sign that the plant has survived a blaze.

And just as the Australian Grass Tree is reborn after a fire, so too can God take our brokenness and make us brand new. At Easter, we remember this because it was through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross that we can have new life, free of all brokenness.

Throughout this Easter season, we are focusing on the theme, ‘Broken made new’. And to illustrate this message, we have chosen imagery of Australian land. Because when God’s grace allows new life to spring up from our broken and blackened landscapes, we witness the truth that in Jesus, all broken things can be made new.

Easter 2017 Broken Made NewFor our clients, brokenness can come in many forms including loneliness, isolation, mental illness, homelessness, poverty or relationship conflict.

Lucy Parker, a Wesley Mission staff member, knows too well the experience of brokenness. After Lucy’s marriage ended, she was consumed by the fear of raising her three children alone, without the support of her loving family, who live in the United Kingdom. During that time Lucy discovered the true meaning of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, through experiencing God’s unconditional love for the first time.

“I no longer have panic attacks or anxiety. I am healthy and always full of joy despite life’s trials and tribulations,” said Lucy.

“My family has Australian citizenship and yes, I am on my own with my beautiful children, but we are all so blessed that Jesus is active in our everyday lives. We live in His peace and presence. Jesus has sustained us and provided a new risen life full of hope, joy and full of amazing brothers and sisters in Christ to do life with.”

Easter 2017 Broken Made NewJust as a fire, in its immediate aftermath, leaves land damaged, scorched and black, brokenness can also leave us scarred. The message of Easter is that through our experiences of brokenness, we all have the opportunity to be made new through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

So celebrate the 2017 Easter season with us and find healing for yourself at one of our many events or services.