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Navlina gets students out of their comfort zones with Bollywood dance

2 November 2018 Wesley Mission news

Navlina  is an inspiring volunteer who teaches Bollywood dance at Wesley School for Seniors. As part of our Lifehacks from the Learned series, Navlina shares her top five tips for getting to grips with the Indian art.

Passionate about Bollywood dance, Navlina has taught at Wesley School for Seniors for over a year. She is driven by her desire to help people express themselves confidently, and loves building a positive culture in her classes.

“I like to bring out satisfaction in the people I teach,” says Navlina.

Bollywood routines engage your whole body, requiring specific techniques and movements. This is what Navlina most enjoys about teaching—helping people  get out of their comfort zones.

“It keeps them motivated and feeling young everyday,” Navlina reflects.

Keeping fit and healthy is particularly important as we age, and Bollywood dance is certainly a positive influence on both the body and mind.

Bollywood dance is one of the many classes held at Wesley School for Seniors. Find out more about the course, and what else is on offer at Wesley School for Seniors.