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Wesley ParentsNext helps single mum achieve her business dream

5 April 2017 Wesley Mission news

families and childrenWith support from Wesley Mission’s ParentsNext program, a single mum from Sydney’s South West has opened her own hairdressing salon and discovered a new sense of independence. Wesley Mission launched the ParentsNext program last year to help parents to enter or re-enter the workforce by the time their children start school.

When Mia* was unemployed and busy looking after her four-year-old daughter, she was referred to the program by Centrelink. Mia told the ParentsNext team about her previous training and experience in hairdressing, and her dream of opening her own salon.

“When I go to Wesley Mission…it’s like I’m talking to a friend and they’re trying to help me out,” Mia said.

So when Wesley Mission staff encouraged her to investigate what it would take to open a business, she believed it was possible. While much of what she discovered was new and a little complicated, Mia grew excited about the prospect of being self-employed, doing something she loved, and setting a strong example for her daughter.

Mia eventually located a suitable salon and is now enjoying the flexibility of being self-employed: “I thought about it for a really long time and I think I just needed that little push.”

ParentsNext is available to parents of children aged five years and younger, who have not undertaken paid work in the last six months, and live in the Bankstown or Wyong local government areas.

Mia recommends the program to any parent who needs a bit of help and encouragement to get back into the workforce.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.