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Resurrection happens whether we are ready or not

31 March 2017 Wesley Mission news

Jenny DuckerEach week throughout Lent, Wesley Mission’s the Rev Jenny Ducker (pictured) shares Bible readings, prayers and her reflections offering you the opportunity to join her in a journey of self-examination.

Jenny says the story of Easter reminds her every day that death and evil and sin are not the final word in life. Life and love will always be the last word.

And each year, the season of Lent and Easter becomes more significant to Jenny. Here, she shares why:

Several years ago I found myself in a community where the good news of Easter Day was difficult to celebrate. Many people in the congregation, including myself, were struggling with different life concerns and issues. For some, there were relationship struggles. For others, depression and anxiety were wearing them down. Yet others were facing serious life threatening illnesses.

It was a year when we heard again the story from the Gospel of John: early in the morning Mary Magdalene visited the tomb where Jesus’ body was put to rest. What she found was an empty tomb, but she had no idea that it meant good news. Just because she did not understand it, did not mean it did not happen. Jesus was alive even if she did not recognise him at first.

Just because we are not yet in a place where we can fully celebrate with joy and gladness does not mean Jesus remains dead. Resurrection happened and still happens, whether we are ready to accept it or not.

From a ministry point of view, Easter always seems to happen close to Christmas. We have barely finished putting away the Christmas themes and we must start to focus on the cross.

I have learnt that Lent begins whether I am ready or not. Easter comes whether I am ready or not. Resurrection happens whether we are ready or not.

In so many ways, people struggle with life. Poverty, injustice, family stresses, unemployment, mental health, physical ailments—there is a lot that presses in against us and makes us feel that living is a burden, that there is little or no hope, that we are less than people.

But no matter what is happening in our own lives, no matter what struggles we are dealing with, resurrection happens. It is good news even if we are not able to celebrate with joy and gladness.

Resurrection happens and, just as He did for Mary, Jesus waits with us until we are ready to know what this good news means for us.