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Staying active: the key to ageing well

9 April 2018 Wesley Mission news

seniors and aged care 810x540 13Every year the NSW Seniors Festival celebrates the state’s seniors, encouraging older people to get involved in their communities and enjoy all the benefits that come with activity and socialising. This year the event is themed around ‘Let’s Do More Together’.

The festival is a wonderful initiative and great way to empower seniors to get out and about. Maintaining an active body and mind allows us to enjoy life to the full, and this only becomes more important as we get older.

Socialising can become less accessible for older people; if you no longer work or have health issues, then day-to-day physical interaction can easily get overlooked. Energy levels tend to become depleted as we age, and the temptation to stay at home relaxing rather than go out with friends can often win.

But the positive effects of staying socially active are numerous; from reducing the risk of mental health issues to creating a stable support system of peers. Additionally, even if you’re not meeting up for an exercise class, getting out of the house means you’re moving around more, which is beneficial to your wellbeing.

Wesley School for Seniors offers a broad range of educational and social opportunities for people over the age of 55. Whether you’re keen to learn a new skill or further develop a life-long passion, there really is something for everyone. Courses are taught by encouraging individuals from all walks of life, like Francisco, a sequence dance instructor and Hazel, a table-tennis enthusiast.

Courses span arts and crafts, fun fitness, language, music, board games and much more in-between. There are four terms a year which each draw in about 450 students, making the school the ideal place to come and expand your social network.

Interested? You can learn more on how to enrol here—enrolment for Term 2 is open until commencement on 30 April and runs until 6 July.