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Sunflowers at Wesley LifeForce Suicide Memorial Services

7 September 2016 Wesley Mission news

Each year at our Wesley LifeForce Suicide Memorial services, sunflowers are cast into water. Carol Garner shares the symbolic meaning of the sunflower, in expressing hope, warmth and comfort, strength and support, and that you're not alone.

"The petals of the flower glow a rich yellow colour; as you behold its brightness may you be reminded that there is always hope. In its remarkable way, the sunflower follows the pathway of the Sun; as you consider this journey may you feel the warmth and comfort that you need at this time."

"The stem of the sunflower is a strong support, as you move on from today may you find the strength and support in those around you. The center of the sunflower is brimming with hundreds of seeds; as you look around you today, may you know that you’re not alone."

We warmly invite all to attend one of the Wesley LifeForce's Suicide Memorial Services to remember loved one lost to suicide.

Past Memorial Services for 2016

Wesley LifeForce Memorial Service | Newcastle

Where:  The Carriage Shed - Foreshore Park, Wharf Road, Newcastle East
When:  12pm Thursday 6 October 2016

Wesley LifeForce Memorial Service | Sydney

Where:  Sydney Opera House Forecourt
When:  12pm Thursday 15 September 2016

Wesley LifeForce Memorial Service | Adelaide

Where:  Henley Square, Seaview Road, Henley Beach
When:  6:30 am Saturday 19 November 2016