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The Australia We Want, First Report released today

27 October 2016 Wesley Mission news

families and children 810x540 12The Community Council of Australia (CCA) today released ‘The Australia We Want, First Report’, providing the first ever benchmark of how Australia and each State and Territory is performing against values prioritised by leaders in the charities and not-for-profit sector.  The CEO of Wesley Mission the Rev Keith Garner, is a member of the Board of CCA, which is committed to achieving positive changes for Australia through strengthening the role and effectiveness of charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The report, which was conceived during a 2015 roundtable of charity leaders, asks us all to consider, is the Australia of today and the future we are creating, the Australia we want?

"Australia has prided itself on being the land of the fair go", said Mr Garner, "This latest report from the Community Council of Australia, shows that the time honoured mantle is under threat.

"As a nation we must build a new narrative—one which embraces the new world that ensures the government, corporate and community service sectors not only have an economic but a social contract with the people of Australia. This idea must be strengthened and championed.

"Wellbeing is more than just a property portfolio. How we measure the heart and soul of a nation is how we treat our poor, disadvantaged, and marginalised."

The report benchmarks the performance of Australia’s States and Territories against values including: justice, fairness, safety, inclusivity, equality of opportunity, unity, authenticity, creativity, confidence, courage, optimism, generosity, kindness, and compassion. Key findings include:

  • Australian incarceration rates are high—three times that of Ireland and rising
  • Australian suicide rates are higher than our road toll and increasing
  • inequality in income distribution is higher than most other OECD countries, and growing
  • Australians volunteer less and give less as a percentage of income than five years ago
  • Australia is slipping down both the international corruption scale and the scale of international generosity

Visit the CCA website to download the full report and to access more information on their activities and goals to strengthen the charities and not-for-profit sector in Australia.