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Three reasons to volunteer for Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland

22 May 2018 Wesley Mission news

It can only take one phone call to change a life.

Every year, Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers answer almost 40,000 calls helping those who are lonely, in crisis or contemplating suicide. It's through the support of our faithful volunteers that we are able to be there for those in crisis. 

Be inspired by the stories of three Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland volunteers who freely give their time to help those most in need.


Rewarding work

Just three weeks after Mark’s father passed away, he signed up to become a Telephone Crisis Supporter for Wesley Mission’s Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland centre.

After caring for his sick father, Mark decided as a tribute to him, he would dedicate four hours a week to helping others.

“During that time (caring for his father) I forgot about myself and focused on the needs of someone else, well it was my Dad, and I thought, how can I continue this feeling in the community?”

For the last three years Mark has found the experience of being a support to someone in a time of crisis, to be rewarding.

“I love hearing the sound of someone’s voice change a bit and calm a bit,” he says.

“Even if it’s a small difference I enjoy making a difference.”

Having experienced first-hand the impact volunteering in his own life, Mark would like to encourage others to begin their volunteering journey.

“Explore it because it’s one of the best things you can do … it’s rewarding work.”

Giorgio, Lifeline Telephone Crisis Suppoter

Making a difference

After studying psychology and commerce at University of New South Wales, Giorgio decided not to pursue a career as a psychologist. Yet he still had this desire to make a difference.

“I decided I still wanted to have a hand in kind of shaping people’s mental health and Lifeline seemed like a really good way to do that and a really good cause as well."

For the past year Giorgio has been volunteering for Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland. As a Telephone Crisis Supporter, Giorgio believes the service is vital to the community.

“It’s been intense, very rewarding, steep learning curves, which is always good for learning and overall a really good experience. One where I feel like I’ve made a real difference to the people who have called.”

Geoff, Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter

Finding purpose

Since retiring, Geoff has spent the last three-and-a-half years volunteering as a Lifeline Sydney & Sutherland Telephone Crisis Supporter. Searching for something that would offer purpose and meaning, Geoff signed up for Lifeline after discovering a long lost relative was involved with the service many years ago.

Geoff believes by simply listening, he has an impact in the lives of those in crisis.

“There are many people who are lonely and don’t have people to talk through things,” says Geoff.

“I just think it’s great that you can be there at that time with them. I find that very meaningful … Being on the phones is very satisfying to be there for people in need.”