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Thrillseeker Tash will zipline across Sydney’s skyscrapers to fundraise for Wesley Mission

27 September 2017 Wesley Mission news

Tash is one fearless young woman. This 20-year-old adrenaline junkie says she’s not intimidated by the thought of jumping off a 47-storey building and ziplining across Sydney’s skyscrapers.

Growing up, Tash has always been drawn towards thrill-seeking activities such as rock climbing, giant swings and the flying fox. She dreams of one day going skydiving and bungee jumping.

When asked to take part in AMP Foundation’s Big Zipper, there was no hesitation. And, when told about the zipline height, she just laughed.

“I love heights,” she says. Tash’s caseworker Rosie chimes in: “You can be pretty brave.”

While Tash naturally exudes confidence and determination, she admits she hasn’t always felt this courageous. Just shy of turning 18, Tash’s relationship with her foster carers deteriorated and her home situation changed. This is where Wesley Take Charge of Your Life stepped in.

“I wouldn’t have anywhere to go. I have my sister but I don’t really want to go bother her when I need something, and that’s what Wesley Take Charge of Your Life is good for,” explains Tash.

Within weeks, Wesley Out of Home Care Worker, Rosie found Tash a place to live. While there have been a few hiccups along the way, Tash has now been living by herself since January.

Since Wesley Take Charge of Your Life launched in November 2015, the program has been assisting young people, like Tash, who are aged 15 to 25, to successfully transition from foster care to living independently.

For Tash, the help she has received from Wesley Take Charge of Your Life has been life-changing. Not only has Tash found a place to call home, she has developed many new life skills along the way, such as learning how to cook and pay her bills. Since Wesley Take Charge of Your Life came on board, they have also been helping Tash search for a job. Most importantly, Tash says she is grateful to have someone she can rely on.

“I needed the help… and I wasn’t getting anywhere with life and I want to get somewhere,” says Tash.

Rosie adds: “When I met Tash she was quite depressed… so it’s been quite lovely to see her grow into a young woman and be very independent and a lot more stable… Kids that age, that’s what they need. They need access to someone.”

Through the help of Wesley Take Charge of Your Life, Tash says she feels confident for the future. This confidence has now motivated Tash to give something back. Through AMP Foundation’s Big Zipper, Tash is trying to raise $5000 for Wesley Mission programs, like Wesley Take Charge of Your Life, which supports young people transition out of foster care.

Taking place on 20-21 October, Tash will complete a 125m zipline while travelling at 40km/h, which spans the rooftops of AMP’s two skyscrapers at Sydney’s Circular Quay.