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Top five dance hacks from Wesley School for Seniors

6 July 2016 Wesley Mission news

Meet Francisco, sequence dance instructor at Wesley School for Seniors, and the host of our latest ‘Lifehacks from the learned’ video.

Celebrate life and give sequence dance a go with Francisco’s top five dance hacks. 

Behind the scenes with Francisco

Francisco teaches sequence dancing—a type of partner dancing in which couples perform a set pattern of movements—at the Wesley School for Seniors. We spoke to him on the set of our latest ‘Lifehacks for the learned’ video and he told us all about his dancing life and how he continues to grow young.

How did you become an instructor at Wesley School for Seniors? My wife Marietta and I were both students at Wesley School for Seniors. I was studying language and Marietta was taking part in the choir and singing classes. We really enjoyed the classes and thought we could share our dance knowledge.

Why sequence dancing? We’ve competed in sequence dance competitions for years. We even danced at the 2000 Olympics.

How does it differ from ballroom dancing? Ballroom dancing is interpreted differently in each country, region or even studio. Sequence dancing is an Australian style of dance in which the steps remain the same no matter what studio you’re in. 

What do you love most about sequence dancing? Everything! It’s fun, meeting different people, dressing up and, most of all, I love the variety.

How do Wesley School for Seniors students benefit from sequence dancing? Apart from the fun and meeting other people, the students have to remember the steps so it’s great for memory and stimulating brain activity.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Wesley School for Seniors? Sharing the gift of dance and joy with the community.

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