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Wesley LifeForce at the frontline of suicide prevention on NSW North Coast

19 September 2017 Wesley Mission news

Wesley Mission’s suicide prevention program, Wesley LifeForce, will deliver training to 280 health, allied health and community ‘gate keepers’ like teachers and social workers on the New South Wales North Coast following the recent announcement of funding by the Federal Assistant Minister for Health Dr David Gillespie.

Wesley LifeForce training is evidence-based and designed for gatekeepers; community members who are well positioned to recognise a crisis and the warning signs of suicide risk and respond appropriately.

“We have a program that is shown to work,” Dr Gillespie said. “Wesley Mission has the runs on the board.

Their LifeForce support, education and training of gatekeepers, whether it’s GPs, nurses, ambulance men, policemen, teachers, sporting groups, is a great way of practically intervening and getting strategies in place to prevent major mental health issues.”

Wesley Mission CEO, Rev Keith Garner said since 1996 Wesley LifeForce training had been delivered to more than 30,000 people across Australia.

“The program includes educating people about suicide, challenging attitudes and teaching basic engagement skills,” Mr Garner said.

“We work with local communities helping them to find local solutions to one of Australia’s most pressing problems.”

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