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Wesley Take Charge of Your Life pilot program - A joint initiative with The Rotary Club of Sydney

4 November 2015 Wesley Mission news

Wesley Take Charge of Your Life pilot program was launched on Wednesday 4 November 2015. This much needed support program aims to assist young people successfully transition from living in foster care to living independently.

For young people living in out of home care, contemplating the future can be unsettling and challenging without the support structures often available to their more advantaged peers.

Wesley Take Charge of Your Life was developed in partnership with The Rotary Club of Sydney to fill a gap that currently exists to assist these young people transition successfully from living in out of home care to living independently by providing them with the right support, and helping them to develop the skills and confidence they need to make this major change in their life.

How does the program work?

Wesley Mission’s care facilitators will work closely with the young person and their carer and parents to individually tailor the program to suit their situation, location and level of need, to ensure they get the most from the program, and have the confidence to make this huge next step in their life.

In preparing these young people to feel ready to live independently, this program will link them to other Wesley Youth Services to help them on their way.

The services and support young people can access through the program include:

  • accommodation assistance
  • personalised mentoring program
  • supported job search and work experience placements
  • courses to enhance financial literacy skills
  • formal qualifications in Certificate II Business
  • gambling, drug and alcohol awareness information sessions and access to speciality clinical supports
  • volunteering opportunities
  • linking young people in with the CREATE Foundation for ongoing support and guidance. 

Wesley Take Charge of Your Life is a pilot program that will be fully funded so young people can participate in the program at no cost to them.

What currently happens to young people leaving out of home care*?

Currently, there is a clear gap in Australia in the support and services available to young people when they’re transitioning from living in care to living independently. Generally many young people exiting out of home care, their transition to adulthood is often abrupt and they are expected to negotiate accommodation and training pathways themselves without the support of an adult role model.

As a result, they fare more poorly than other young people their age in the general population.

Wesley Mission outcomes are far better than the national averages, however, the fact remains that leaving care is a gap that requires investment. Our service model provides excellent support for children and young people up to the age of 18. The Wesley Take Charge of Your Life pilot program will also allow us to build on that support post 18 and help young people make the successful transition to adulthood.

*Above research by Create Foundation, UnitingCare, NSW Family and Community Services, Social Policy Research Centre (University of New South Wales) and Vic. Department of Human Services.

Who does this program help?

Wesley Take Charge of Your Life is for young people aged 15 to 25 who are about to leave or have left Wesley Out of Home Care and need support and guidance to assist them to successfully transition to live independently.

What happens when the young person finishes the program?

Take charge of your life

When the young person finishes the program, their care facilitator will review their progress and needs, and will further develop their Transition to Adulthood Plan to include ongoing support as necessary.

They will also receive a Certificate of Recognition for any courses they have completed which they can use for future opportunities.

If you would like more information on how the program can help you, or if know someone who would benefit from participating in the program email or call (02) 4723 9288.