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Women on the edge: SBS Insight reveals hidden form of homelessness

22 August 2017 Wesley Mission news

Sharon sharing on Insights SBSAfter receiving help from Wesley Mission, Sharon, openly shared on SBS Insight about her experiences of being homeless.

Hosted by Jenny Brockie, the Women on Edge episode focused on the rise of homelessness for women over 55. It highlighted the extent of this hidden issue and explained how women in this age group are more susceptible to homelessness. Alongside Sharon, a group of women shared their stories to reveal the increasing number of older women who are unable to afford a roof over their head.

A recent Wesley Report, Facing Financial Stress reveals an alarming 44 per cent of NSW households are suffering financial stress and women are more likely to be financially stressed than men. Another Wesley Report, Financial stress and planning avoidance cycle, highlights that retired Australian women, aged 60-64 have an estimated superannuation balance of $105,000, which is $92,000 less than that of retired Australian men.

Among other myths, the stories shared debunked the cliche of rough sleeping. While highly visible in urban environments, the program highlighted that 94% of the homeless population are not sleeping in the streets or parks, but find themselves in transitional housing, couch surfing, living in cars or moving between their friends’ and children’s homes. This view is reinforced by national statistics.

Following the program online and on social media, we took a snap poll on Twitter to gauge the audiences response.

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