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Zehra finds hope, strength and a place to call home

5 July 2017 Wesley Mission news

Zehra 810x540Seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge provides 76 single people like Zehra practical care and support in Surry Hills.

After years of abuse, Zehra fled from her husband with the hope of finding a new start in life, but ended living up on the streets.

Broke, alone and struggling to beat a speed addiction, she had no one to turn to and nowhere to go, until one day she walked through the doors of Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge in Surry Hills.

Since 1979, Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge has served men and women aged 18-80 from the local community experiencing homelessness.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, this congregation of people from all walks of life receives practical care from Wesley Homeless Services, as well as spiritual and emotional support from Pastor Michael Tang.

Michael not only spends time one-on-one with residents, but also conducts regular church services that often include visiting members of the police and paramedics. He says, “At a service at Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge, we can have someone having an argument, someone interrupting, and it’s very different. It’s real life, everyone makes their feelings known. It is refreshing and at the same time it can be quite challenging.”

As a chaplain, Michael is part of the broader team providing holistic care to people who have immediate housing needs, but so often are disconnected from community and supporting relationships.

During his time at Wesley Edward Eagar Lodge, Michael says he’s learned a lot about the true nature of strength from the people he serves.

“How the world measures and values strength is very different to the amazing strength I see everyday”, says Michael.

For women like Zehra, it may be the strength to leave an abusive relationship. For others it’s the strength to overcome addictions, the strength to cope with life on the streets, or simply the strength to survive another day.

Thank you for helping Wesley Mission continue to provide hope, strength and a safer place to stay for so many people experiencing homelessness like Zehra each year.